Make Cricket Cool Again: Some ideas for reinvigorating cricket (add your ideas as well, we need as many as possible) #cricket #MCCA

Cricket is the greatest sport known to Man and anyone who doesn’t believe that is a coxcomb. It is an integral part of English life and reversing its decline is of vital importance to anyone who has ever apologised when someone else bumped into them.

Cricket is losing out in the race to attract crowds. County games are sparsely attended, only England matches can be guaranteed to fill out grounds.

What can be done to put cricket at the top of the English sporting pile and make it more popular than premiership football?

TV broadcasting has to be on terrestrial television. Once it goes behind a paywall it is only seen by kids whose parents watch it. Kids don’t want to play something they can’t watch.

Get rid of gimmicks like the Hundred. People know when they are being sold an artificial product. Take away the hype and something so manufactured will die. Stop wasting money on it.

Return to only those born in a county can play for the county.

Play county cricket during the summer months rather than at the extremities of the season.

Subsidise cricket lessons for local kids.

Stop the critical theory inspired attacks on the sport. Cricket should not be a playground for political expression or social engineering.

Link with local football clubs to cross-pollinate support.

England winning is not the be-all and end-all. England players play for their counties. Building a strong county game is more important. It will naturally build a wider, stronger base than we have now.

Stop playing so much white ball cricket. It is like a football team playing five-a-side.

Get influencers onboard. Get all of tiktok reporting from county matches.

Get the message out that cricket is cool.

Make the length of games a strength. The ebb and flow of a four day game is far superior to the wham-bam of a 90 minutes football match.

More clubs not less.

Football is not profitable. It is run by billionaires. Cricket just has to attract billionaire owners…

Champions league style competition between champions of England, Australia, etc.

Encourage cricket in state schools with links to their local club.

Stop focusing on England. In football people love their clubs. Get clubs more involved in local communities.

Stop the dumbing down. If anything complicate up.

Keep the traditions. There can be no argument that people who hit the ball in men’s cricket are men, so call them their traditional name, batsmen. There’s no point in alienating the audience we already have.

Relegation and promotion for all teams.

Promote cricket in the USA. After all the first international was between America and Canada.

Promote cricket in China. This may have the added benefit of preventing world war three.

Reduce ticket prices for late gates at all grounds so kids can go after school.

Play one timeless test every year.

Take a leaf out of the F1 book and make every game a party.

Finally, why not a cricket license fee, modelled on the BBC license fee and paid by everyone in the country whether they watch cricket or not…

It will be politically difficult to make cricket cool again as the leftist agenda is very much to destroy anything that they see as representing England, tradition and Empire. And cricket ticks all three of these boxes. Nevertheless, we must strive to repopularise the game. It is no exaggeration to say that the more people who play cricket the less crime, war and unhappiness there probably is in the world.

What are your ideas to popularise cricket? Please add them below. We need as many ideas as possible.

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