The Freedom Trumpet: Footballer admits ‘We are kneeling to BLT. They are the best sandwiches around’ #taketheknee

‘It shouldn’t be controversial to say that we support BLT. They’re delicious and healthy’

An England footballer who wants to remain anonymous has waded into the row over the team kneeling before matches. ‘Yes, of course we are kneeling for BLT. It is amazing that this is controversial. They are the best sandwiches around’, he said, ‘and anyone who says otherwise is a racist and should be banned from all football grounds in the world for ever.’

Woke Church: How woke activists affect institutions and what this could teach the Church

A look at how woke activists affect institutions in general and how this might affect the Church in particular.

The Church of England has recently published a report called From Lament to Action. This uses language and makes assumptions that reflect current secular ideas. This film is an examination of this report and also a look at how woke activists work outside the church in society. Some people think that the woke approach is a great thing. Others think that it is unbiblical. These two views are at odds with each other, but what is the truth? This film tries to find out.

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Should Footballers take the knee?

Animated chat show that this week asks the question Should footballers take the knee?

Football teams started taking the knee before games after the Black Lives Matter protests of 2020. Some fans boo this because BLM stands for dismantling capitalism and is anti the nuclear family. But fans who boo are called racists. What is the truth of the matter? Jane Dow is interviewed to make sense of the kneeling/booing situation.

The London Iconoclast Commission – destroying London’s heritage

The mayor of London has announced a commission to look at ‘diversity in the public realm’. The blurb states ‘London is one of the most diverse cities in the world, with more than 300 languages spoken every day. Yet its statues, plaques and street names largely reflect a bygone era.‘ To which any right-thinking person says, of course, because statues, plaques and street names reflect the past. To try and change them is to erase history.

New statues, plaques and street names can reflect what the local communities democratically want. But to fiddle with the past is outrageous.

If you are concerned about this please find out more at Save our Statues.

When will the insanity end? Woke fireworks bring Marxist non-democratic politics into UK’s New Year’s Eve celebrations

When will the onslaught of woke politics end?

Are we never again to be able to enjoy a firework display as a firework display, or a football match as a football match? Must the Marxist social justice warriors inflict their brand of west-loathing, minorities-using, race-baiting self-hatred on everything?

Do they have no sense of when enough is enough? Surely in a year when celebrating New Year’s Eve was literally banned they could step back from the constant forcing of an unpopular agenda and think, this firework display is for everyone. Let us not be divisive, let us use this public money to produce something that everyone can enjoy.

Unfortunately not.

Instead we have a firework display that…On the day that the UK leaves the EU – which is what a majority of the country wanted – the colours of the EU flag are used to decorate a bridge. The divisive Critical Race Theory of Black Lives Matter is celebrated with a Black Power fist.

The cult of the NHS was flashed up in the sky, even when Britons are being told that it is their job to protect the hospitals.

Why wasn’t the UK celebrated on the very day that it left the EU?

Or even better than that…why wasn’t it just a firework display? Sans politics. Something fun to give people a spectacle in the middle of a locked-downed winter?

When will the insanity end?

Aussie TV news actually covers the #politicalpolicing the UK is suffering #lockdownprotests

Three cheers for Oz!

Why are the media in the UK not discussing this? Why does it fall to an Australian TV channel to point out that the British police are acting totally differently to anti-freedom protests than they did with BLM protests. They took the knee to a leftist organisation that wants to destroy them! yet they violently employ snatch-squads to arrest actual peaceful protestors protesting about the response to Covid-19.

We should be able to expect the British mainstream media to ask these questions and point these things out. For cricket fans things are very bad when we have to rely on the Aussies to help us out.

Either the police are in great danger or we are being lied to. What is the truth?

Observing the police in central London today was instructive.

If Covid-19 is the terrible disease the government claims and can be caught by being less than two metres from someone else then the police would surely not be standing next to each other. If there was a real danger to their health then they would be standing apart, unwilling to approach the public. Their union would be failing in its duty if it didn’t make sure this happened.

Instead the police were close together.

You might say there will always be some heroes who will put their lives at risk to protect others. But these were just policemen chatting to each other. Even ‘on duty’ they were not doing anything that couldn’t be left undone if there was a real threat of ill-health or death.

Does a young women really need harassing – without social distancing – for waving a cardboard sign? Does another young girl need to be arrested? Does a girl need to be repeatedly told to leave the area when she is upset and saying to a policeman who won’t let her see a friend, ‘but she’s only 15’.

If Covid-19 was so deadly that we had to endure lockdowns, be kept from our families and watch the economy be destroyed then the police would be too frightened to bother arresting people – especially people like those today who were causing no trouble. The fact that they are doing this suggests very strongly that they are not frightened of catching Covid-19.

So why are we being forced to endure these authoritarian measures? If the police can meet up in groups to do unnecessary things without issue why can’t the rest of us meet up to do necessary things?

Something makes this arrest-happy/riot gear approach of the police even more galling. During the height of the pandemic, when we were assured Covid-19 really was deadly and that we must not leave the house the BLM protests took place. These were waved through by the police, who even took the knee to the protestors in an appalling act of fealty. People like the young girls arrested and harassed today were not arrested back then. People on BLM marches even shout abuse at the police, yet the police turn up in shirt sleeves and caps and just listen. Today it was riot gear, helmets and handcuffs. Political policing is a terrible thing.

To see the police marching like the military through the streets of London, dispersing and arresting people for protesting and snatching protest signs is chilling.

Maybe Covid-19 is so dangerous that any group of people must be dispersed. But if so, why aren’t the police social distancing at all possible moments? And why was BLM allowed to protest without issue when the virus had an even greater hold than it does now?

The conclusion can only be one of two things. Either the police are in great danger or, if they are not, then we are being lied to and Covid-19 is not as dangerous a threat as we are being told.

What is the truth?

Last chance to preserve the City of London’s statues – email today

The City of London is asking for opinions on its plan to remove statues. If you feel that the removal of statues would not actually help modern day slavery, but would destroy the fabric of a City and erase history, then email today on this page

Deadline: 24.11.20

Britain’s two tier policing

This evening there is supposed to be a Million Mask March in London. Already people standing around in Trafalgar Square have been threatened with arrest.

Fair enough, you might say. We are in the middle of a pandemic. More than that, we are in a lockdown. They shouldn’t be there and they should be arrested.

That sounds reasonable. Until you remember that the Black Lives Matter protests also took place under lockdown. And the police did not go around arresting people. They also weren’t dressed in the pseudo-military TSG uniforms which many are wearing today.

A mature democracy should have policing that is the same for all. The law cannot have favourites. Laws should apply to everyone equally. When this is not the case society will be riven by division.

Injustice in the policing of a nation is divisive and will cause great harm.