Woke Church: How woke activists affect institutions and what this could teach the Church

A look at how woke activists affect institutions in general and how this might affect the Church in particular.

The Church of England has recently published a report called From Lament to Action. This uses language and makes assumptions that reflect current secular ideas. This film is an examination of this report and also a look at how woke activists work outside the church in society. Some people think that the woke approach is a great thing. Others think that it is unbiblical. These two views are at odds with each other, but what is the truth? This film tries to find out.

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‘The Beautiful Story’: Evangelicals stand up for the truth of the gospel #CEEC #Beautifulstory

The CEEC have produced a video which makes it clear that the Bible’s teaching on same-sex relationships is not something that can be discussed away.

The liberal wing of the church might be pushing for the acceptance of same-sex marriage but the CEEC is clear that that goes against Biblical teachings.

If the C of E goes down that path it will lead to a split in the Church.

It is great to hear a voice in the C of E that stays true to what believers have always believed.

It is very trying to constantly have liberals pushing to change Christian teaching. Watch the CEEC video that states what the gospel says.

The church buildings should not have closed during Lockdown 2.0

It was strange when the first lockdown was announced how quickly the Church of England embraced it. As I recall they shut up shop before the government had even ordered it.

It should not have happened. The Church should be there for people throughout any crises. It was always the way in earlier times. Luther didn’t flee the plague but stayed to minister. The Church should have done the same.

But that was Lockdown 1. We were told then that Covid was very dangerous. Let’s not judge too harshly.

Anyway, as we all know, the Church is not the building. New ways of meeting were embraced. People logged on from miles away. It had a positive side.

But for Lockdown 2.0 we are better informed. Covid is not the killer that we once believed. The Church may have been able to continue online for people who were already members, but where has it been for people searching, people who have needed support during this time?

People are suffering and they need support.They may have walked into a church and found solace. You cannot just walk into a Zoom service. You need passwords and links.

Online church just isn’t there for the people that need it.

We must not close the churches again.