Leftists worried about stereotyping all suicide bombers as bad eggs

‘We must never allow bigotry to win.’

A plea not to immediately assume that all suicide bombers are bad eggs has been issued by the Leftist Association of Leftism and Associated Means for Destroying Society (The LALAMDS).

‘Bigotry is rampant in the UK, which as everyone knows is the world’s most racist country,’ said spokesman Gav Kilber, ‘And this is raising its ugly head again with people being derogatory and in some cases downright rude about suicide bombers. Some of my closest friends have been suicide bombers and as a nation we need to educate the racist bigots who automatically assume that because someone is a suicide bombers they are somehow a bad person. We need…continued on Page 24

NHS staff to be sacked for not taking vaccines. More nonsensical government policy examined by The Freedom Show

The Freedom Show – libertarian-leaning animated discussion show about the madness of life all around.

Today we are discussing the government mandating vaccines for NHS health staff. They will be sacked in April next year if they haven’t had a vaccine, which is ludicrous, because what exactly changes next year in April? How will the NHS cope with even fewer staff? We are constantly told it is under pressure already. If the government sacks these people then it can never again complain that the NHS is overwhelmed.

Funny comedy still exists! Most comedy is now eco-leftist virtue signalling indoctrination but Dominic Frisby is actually funny

If you thought you’d never again be able to out to a comedy club because of the commie propaganda that passes as stand up, there is good news.

Dominic Frisby is a writer and comedian. You’ve probably seen him on Live at the Apollo. Oh no, you wouldn’t have done, because he’s a libertarian comedian, who thinks, like most sensible people, that socialism doesn’t work. It will be a while before you see the Dominic Frisby show on primetime BBC1.

Last night he was in town with his band the Gilets Jaunes at the Backyard Comedy Club, singing classic hits like 17 Million Fuck-Offs, the Maybe song and some new releases like I Am A White Man And I’m Sorry.

These days it’s rare to experience comedy that hasn’t imbibed the various wokeries that the world is suffering from, so it is staggering when a comedian gets up on stage and wittily asks questions like should the funding of the BBC be rethought and maybe 52% of the country aren’t racist for voting Brexit.

His amusing lyrics touch on subjects such as the way leftists blame white men for every injustice ever committed by anyone, anywhere, but forget all their enormous contributions to global life and the strange development of the idea that if you disagree with someone you are spreading hate.

There were many catchy tunes in the nearly two hour show which finished with an unexpectedly scatological song which as a fellow libertarian I can have no complaints about, even if I would have preferred a rousing reprise of one of the earlier crowd pleasers.

If you’ve given up with the comedy circuit owing to its bizarre belief that it is now a wing of a leftist polytechnic rather than anything to do with entertainment give the next Dominic Frisby show a go. I think you’ll enjoy it.

The Freedom Show – libertarian-leaning animated discussion show about the madness of life all around

Welcome to the Freedom Show. Today we are discussing is our government doing enough to protect us? The bizarre double standards in reactions to murders depending on the identity of the perpetrator and are sunglasses racist? In the studio to give us her opinions is Carmina Hat .

The Freedom Trumpet: Footballer admits ‘We are kneeling to BLT. They are the best sandwiches around’ #taketheknee

‘It shouldn’t be controversial to say that we support BLT. They’re delicious and healthy’

An England footballer who wants to remain anonymous has waded into the row over the team kneeling before matches. ‘Yes, of course we are kneeling for BLT. It is amazing that this is controversial. They are the best sandwiches around’, he said, ‘and anyone who says otherwise is a racist and should be banned from all football grounds in the world for ever.’

BBC apologise for programme that didn’t focus on race

‘Why I love balloons’ did not relate any aspect of balloons to racism, slavery or even trans rights

‘We apologise to minorities and neo-Marxists for not centring them in this short programme about balloons. We will use this as a moment to learn.’

The BBC has apologised for broadcasting a programme about a four year old and her love of balloons that didn’t focus on race.

Won’t happen again

Screenshot 2021 05 06 at 10 17 10A spokesman said, ‘Please consider our exemplary record on inserting race everywhere. Only this week we have discussed race in programmes about rugby, sausages, gardening, perfume and spectacles. This was a rare slip-up. We have already commissioned the four-year old in question to make a seven episode documentary entitled Why I hate my Whiteness to make amends.

Removed from iplayer

The director will undergo a decade of unconscious bias training and we will issue new guidelines that all our programmes must be 50% about cultural Marxist interests. Don’t worry, our campaign to destroy Britain continues, this is merely a small…

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Have you been affected by any of these issues? Have you ever forgotten to mention racism, sexism or transism whilst discussing something else entirely? If so get in touch.

lockdown trumpet

Lockdown Trumpet: All deaths within a month of a positive Covid test due to Covid, but all deaths days after vaccine jab due to underlying causes

How difficult is it to understand this totally normal logic?

In response to people complaining about a so-called lack of consistency in the counting of deaths related to Covid a government minister has told them that they are ‘complete idiots’.


Listen to people who stand to make money from the pandemic

‘It really is most odd,’ Donald Hutt-Bane, junior minister for Propaganda at the Health Department said yesterday. ‘It is perfectly normal for all deaths for a month after a positive Covid test to be put down to Covid. This happens all around the world and has been advised by the CCP-backed World Health Organisation. We are only following orders.’ apple vaccine

Artist’s impression of an apple
receiving the vaccine


Hit by a bus?

‘Just because it might look like you died from being hit by a bus doesn’t mean that is what you actually died of,’ he explained. ‘The causes of death are wide-ranging and often not what they seeem. This is especially true of post-vaccine deaths, where it is only a coincidence that people had just had the vaccine.’

Helped them live minutes longer

‘Actually they probably would have died minutes earlier if it wasn’t for the vaccine, which prolonged their life for seconds. We must

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lockdown trumpet

Freedom! Chairman Johnson allows sitting on park benches

Our glorious leader yet again leads the way in magnificence and foresight

The Lockdown Trumpet is pleased to announce that freedom has returned to the country!

Brilliant ministers make right decisions 

From today our glorious leader Chairman Johnson has decided to give the country the fillip it needs in these trying times. From today you are allowed to sit on a park bench.

allowed to sit on bench

Artist’s impression of the sort of bench that you can sit on from today

Do not abuse your freedom

Yes you are allowed to sit on a park bench, but ultimately maybe the real question is Should you? If you care about your fellow citizens then maybe you should consider not going outside, at least until Covid is eradicated, probably sometime in 2035.

Terrible decision

Matthew Ballo, chairman of the Campaign for People to Never Leave Their House Again has commented on the fool-hardy nature of this move. ‘Today they let people sit on benches, but what’s next? Kids on bikes, people having fun, people forgetting that there is a killer disease around that 99.9% of the population survive? This is sheer lunacy by the Chairman and I hope he soon is replaced. I am surprised that the CCP allow this to happen in…

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lockdown trumpet