Diary of an unexpected dissident- Johnson makes himself unelectable and mandates vaccine passports in nightclubs

So it’s happened. The reassurances have proved to be lies and the government is introducing vaccine passports for nightclubs and large events.

Let’s just remember that we are talking about Britain, mother of the free. The country that has gone to war for democracy because it is so important and spreads freedom around the world. And here, in England, the government is saying that to live a normal life you have to sign up for government tracking.

This totalitarianism has been announced on the so-called Freedom Day, which must make even the most loyal government supporter wonder how exactly Johnson is defining freedom. At the moment is it only for nightclubs and large events, but given we were promised there would be no passports at all, who knows where it will end?

If you want to look at this policy under its own medical logic it makes no sense. Nightclubs can only let in vaccinated people, yet we know that the vaccine doesn’t stop people spreading the virus.

But more importantly, this ushers in a system which lets the government control where you go and let’s the government know where you are.

It’s temporary…yes, of course. Just like income tax was temporary.

We need to make it clear to the government that this sort of totalitarianism is not acceptable in Britain. It is an outrage of gargantuan proportions to implement any policy that forces citizens to show ‘papers’ to live a normal life.

How does a conservative government even begin to think this is a sensible idea? How can they not see the historical parallels and the dangerous direction this takes the country?

Clearly they are starting with the young, hoping to coerce them into a vaccine that is not without risks for them so that they can go clubbing.

This is clearly an outrageous thing for a government to do. Young people are not the at-risk group for Covid. If they take vaccines they don’t need, some will have bad reactions.

Don’t think that it doesn’t affect you because you don’t go clubbing. Once the vax passport is normalised it will be extended. Do you really think they have gone to this trouble for just nightclubs?

You might think that the government would never do anything that would harm its citizens. It must be doing the right thing. But remember, they have just locked us up for a year without any sort of cost benefit analysis of the policy.

What is their end game? They are implementing a policy that will give them knowledge of where everyone is and will allow them to block people from going to certain places. The control that this policy gives the government is enormous and never ending.

They would never use a vaccine passport for bad, people say. Well, even if you trust this government, and there are many reasons why you shouldn’t, how do we know what a future government might do? And the signs from this government are that they wouldn’t be averse to using such a system.

This is a terrible moment in the history of Great Britain. The French have recently endured similar pronouncements and it appears the government there has backtracked. Let us make sure the government here also has to apologise for even considering this shocking totalitarian attack on its citizens.

Diary of an Unexpected Dissident – first pub announces it will discriminate against the unvaccinated

Thurs 15 July

A pub in Norwich is in the news as the first pub to enforce vaccine passports. No entry for the unvaccinated. So it’s started and it feels sickening. Discrimination, which is so frowned upon if done by other criteria is being enthusiastically embraced. Do these people not see where this leads? Do they not see the lack of logic in admitting vaccinated people who still catch and spread the virus? The division has begun and the government is encouraging it. Rather than mandate it at the moment it praises companies that introduce it and makes them feel virtuous. The government encourages people to discriminate. What insanity we have reached.

Three weeks to flatten the curve to you can’t go to a pub without showing your papers. In less than 18 months.

More Covid untruths: Five days quarantine? In practice you’re likely to suffer at least six

So much of the Covid information we are given makes little sense or is downright untrue. To that list we can add the UK’s five day quarantine requirement. It is billed as five days. In fact it is likely to be at least six.

Why is this?

The system works thus: on the fifth day in prison, sorry, quarantine, you take a test. That test then has to be delivered to a lab. Your quarantine cannot end until you get the result of that test.

The time of your result depends firstly on delivery times, but even when the processing company receives your test in their lab, the expected time to get a result also depends on the speed of their processing. This is estimated at 12-24 hours. So your ability to escape quarantine in the claimed five days depends on them delivering it to their lab immediately and the result not taking much longer than their shortest estimate.

In a case brought to our attention, the test didn’t arrive at the lab until the next morning. So the 12-24 hour wait for the result only starts on day six.

This is baked into the system. Even escaping quarantine after six days depends on the testing company sticking to their timescales.

To quarantine for only five days depends on the testing company working faster than their own timetables suggest they will. It is unfair and misleading when a five day quarantine is almost impossible to achieve.

Not least of course because the whole idea is ludicrous. If the disease is so dangerous you have to be locked up for five days to make sure you haven’t got it, why is it OK to travel from the airport on public transport to the place you are quarantining?

Very few of the Covid laws bear scrutiny. But the five day quarantine claim is only achievable under perfect conditions.

Diary of an Unexpected Dissident – from ‘three weeks to flatten the curve’ to you will be sacked from your job for not having a vaccine injection #novaccinepassports

The world has changed so much that to live a normal life is to be seen as a dissident

Wed 14th July

The pressure is ramping up. Yesterday, with most of the population unaware, MPs voted in favour of mandating vaccines for carers. There we have it, the Rubicon has been crossed. People will lose their jobs. People will be thrown into poverty. People will be unable to visit relatives.

This normalises discrimination. If the government are doing it then I can do it, some people think. Already I know of someone organising a party for friends, and only allowing people who have been vaccinated to attend. And they think they are the good guys.

We are living through an insane tyranny. A divisive, hypocritical tyranny where MPs don’t have to wear masks, but other people in the House of Commons do. Where G7 leaders don’t have to wear masks, Social distance or quarantine, but the people serving them do.

We have gone from ‘three weeks to flatten the curve’ to you will be sacked from your job for not having a vaccine injection. This is not the policy of a mature Western democracy that has championed freedom around the world.

What are our politicians thinking? Is there some extra information that we are not being told that makes this all make sense? How do you make sense of this destruction of people’s lives?

Diary of an Unexpected Dissident – vaccine passports and our loss of freedoms

Tues July 13rd 2021

The world has changed so much that to live a normal life is to be seen as a dissident

Things are closing in on those of us who love freedom. We believed we lived in a country that held freedom as one of the highest needs of man, a country that went to war to battle totalitarians. But now that totalitarianism has appeared at home.

After months of telling us that there would be no vaccine passports the latest news is that there will be vaccine passports. This is outrageous, because of the governmental lying, but also of course the fundamental incompatibility between vaccine passports and a western democracy.

France has already announced vaccine passports will be necessary to visit cafes. Cafes! A western government is controlling where its citizens can go. And the British government is heading down the same path. Currently it is saying it will apply to big events. Can I book a ticket for a ‘big event’ in a few weeks, or will I arrive and have to divulge my medical records and find myself shut out?

We are no longer heading to a communist-inspired totalitarian dystopia, we are living it. Historians will wonder how it was ever allowed to happen.

How can we resist the encroaching madness?

Madnesses in the Covid-19 response – an ongoing list – please add ones we have missed below

The response to Covid-19 has been riddled with rules and laws that make no sense with the information that we have been given. Living in a country where the government introduces such incomprehensible rules is very difficult. Why are there so many anomalies and contradictions?

Here are a few of the UK rules that are impossible to understand

When you arrive back from travelling you have to quarantine for five or ten days and take tests…but you are allowed to travel on public transport from the airport and walk to/from and queue in post offices to send off your tests. 

You cannot sing in a church – even though many are huge and have tiny congregations…but you can sing at football matches.

School sports days – held outside – are cancelled…but football matches are allowed.

Weddings were allowed 30 people whilst funerals were only allowed 15 people, in the same church. Two services, different limits! And it gets madder…weekly services in the same church were allowed whatever capacity was deemed suitable with social distancing.

Football VIPs are allowed to come into the country without quarantining.

G7 leaders were allowed to skip quarantine and ignore social distancing. They didn’t have to wear masks whilst those serving them did.

Masks were derided at the start of the pandemic by the government. We were told that they were no use and even counter-productive…then, when the peak of the pandemic had passed, they were mandated.

Last year we could travel abroad between the lockdowns…this year, with vaccines, we cannot.

Tests for everyday use are handed out by the NHS for free…tests for travel cost £100+ each.

In England you can end the quarantine after five days…in Wales you have to quarantine for 10 days.

We were told they would not introduce vaccine passports…Gove went to Israel to study their introduction of vaccine passports…we were again told they would not introduce vaccine passports…now we hear pubs will need vaccine passports.

We were told that if you leave the house and meet up in groups you will spread the virus…but BLM met up in groups and not only were they not criticised, they were praised.

You could go for a walk, but not sit on a bench.

Taking a coffee with you on your walk meant the authorities could claim you were not going for a walk but were having a picnic.

Vaccine passports are giving people the freedom to meet-up and travel…but they do not stop you transmitting the virus or catching it.

The insanity of all this is hard to credit.


We have missed lots of contradictions and madnesses in the rules…please add them below or on Twitter and we will add them to the list.


Anyone returning to UK after next Wednesday ‘has to quarantine forever’

Life can return to normal with never-ending quarantine

Leaked government guidelines show that they are about to introduce a ‘Forever Quarantine’. Speaking to the press the minister for Lying to the Public, Cathy Pollert admitted that this was the case.

‘We are proud to annouce this world-beating new policy that will knock Covid on the head and make sure that the UK is once again able to welcome people from around the world to our shores – as long as they don;t mind quarantining forever. But that is a small requirement compared with killing your granny, which might happen if they ever went outside again.

Human rights?

When questioned about the human rights aspects of this law, Pollert sniggered and said ‘Our lawyers are better funded than anyone else’s. And we make the laws. The only possible way to escape Forever Quarantine will be a big donation to a political party of our choice.’

Continued on page 24. 

Church holds service at Wembley so that hymns can legally be sung

‘The Covid restrictions are insane,’ said rector Tommy Govern today, after renting Wembley Stadium for next Sunday’s service. ‘We are not allowed to sing in church, but I have just watched thousands of fans singing at the England match. This government is placing sport above worship.’


‘Singing is allowed at sporting events,’ he continued. ‘So we will have an inter-Church Football tournament every week on the pitch, whilst the congregation sings hymns and listens to a sermon in the stands. If this is the only way that we can legally worship our Lord and Saviour, so be it.‘

More illogical diktats: Quarantine to be scrapped for vaxxed – even though they still spread and catch Covid

Remove quarantine for everyone and stop larping North Korea

The government has today started muttering that the absurd quarantine rules that we are living under will be lifted. Good news you might think, but it will only apply to the double-vaccinated. 


The madness continues


Which means that many people are stuck with the insane totalitarian quarantine that North Korea would reject as too severe. 


It makes no sense


People who have had the vaccine still spread the virus and can still catch the virus. So this is a peculiar decision. What are they trying to achieve? It’s an unnecessarily divisive step that continues the long list of Government responses to the pandemic that make no sense.

Breaking News: New Covid variant found down the back of PM’s sofa

Covid ‘sofa variant’ to keep the country locked down until Christmas

The next unlocking date for the country is looking in doubt after a new Covid variant was found down the back of the PM’s new sofa.

‘We knew it was somewhere, but no one could remember where they had last seen it,’ a No.10 spokesman said. ‘We were beginning to panic that we would have no reason to keep the country locked down. Then the PM said ‘hang on, I’ve had an idea,’ looked behind the cushions on his new sofa and pulled it out. We are very lucky that the PM found the Sofa Variant, or we might have had to open up the country.’

The spokesman continued, ‘If everyone could keep an eye out for new variants and send any new ones to the Ministry for Scaremongering, Whitehall, that would be very helpful. We still hope to completely unlock the country by 2050.’new covid variant