Destroy, dismantle, deconstruct: How woke attacks using accusations of racism aim to dismantle society and rebuild it in the woke image

The woke want to destroy Western civilisation and replace it with an ‘anti-racist’ utopia. (Spoiler: utopias of any sort don’t exist). Their battlegrounds are our institutions, companies, sports teams and traditions. They have been winning, with institution after institution falling to woke ideologues.

Infiltrating our institutions, mainly through HR departments was their stroke of genius. They could place their people in position and then, once there were enough of them, wait for – or create – a precipitating event.

Often this is an accusation of racism. They have found racism to be a very good weapon. An accusation of racism, amplified by the media is often the starting point of a woke attack. Notice an accusation is enough. For years innocent until proven guilty was a natural assumption, but now just an accusation is enough to unleash the frenzy.

For the woke the actual facts of any matter do not matter. They are out to destroy. They don’t want to know the truth about what was said by x to y or what happened to z. No, once they have infiltrated an organisation they are on the look out for a precipitating event to use as grist for their destructive mill.

This is why the woke must be kept out of organisations, because once they are inside they will deliberately look for ways to dismantle them from within. You will have seen the effect of their ‘work’ in the change in emphasis of institutions like the police and National Trust. With the woke aboard, the original aims of the institution are less important than making sure that the new ideology is spread everywhere. And this ideology hates the West and England.

Once the precipitating event has been found the woke can start working towards their revolution. They have no regard for any institution or its traditions, they see them as emblems of that which they hate. By shouting about racism the woke are able to get people sacked, ruin careers and destroy their host organisations.

Knowing that if something is found ‘racist’ a green light is given for wholesale change, they love to extrapolate from a few alleged occurances that entire organisations, or even entire countries are racist. An example is the attack after the 2020 football European Cup final. A huge number of tweets were sent, a very small number were racist. That was enough for the woke to accuse England of being a racist country.

There can be no placating these woke attackers, because they are after only destruction and putting their own people in charge of what remains. Nothing you give them is enough. They will keep going with their revolution, demanding an organisation’s attention moves from what it it was set up to do, to their agenda – leading to bloated organisations that focus on ideology rather than their original areas of expertise.

The power grab has worked when the organisation has got rid of the old guard, the people who knew how to do what the organisation was supposed to be doing. These people must be cancelled, often achieved with a social media show trial, so that the woke can tighten control. Then they can spend the institution’s money on their pet projects.

Of course the money dries up because the fundamental point of the business has been ignored. The institution is destroyed and the woke move on.

They are not trying to build anything, they are just tearing down what exists. They are not anti-racist, they are using race in the way that old Marxists used class, to divide society. Look at the way that the woke themselves can say things with no comeback that if uttered by one of their ideological enemies would be the start of a cancellation.

The whole woke methodology is wrapped up in words that make it sound wonderful. How can anything anti-racist be bad? Oh that it was honestly anti-racist. What it is though, behind the fine words, is an unforgiving power grab, using accusations of racism to shut down debate and frighten people into giving them their own way.

Once the institutions are destroyed they believe that there will be no more of what they call ‘oppression’, and no more discrimination. They’ll be proved right, not because there was oppression and discrimination, but because once the institution is destroyed there is nothing left. It’s like destroying a house to get rid of a mouse that you think is in it. Once the house is gone, there is indeed no mouse, but that’s because there’s now no house. And maybe there wasn’t a mouse in the first place. We’ll never know that though, because the woke assume the mouse to be there, and anyone who questions it is ‘part of the problem’.

Eventually the institution is gone and the woke can celebrate the destruction of an oppressive enemy. Everyone is now equal. But, of course that’s because there’s nothing left. Everyone has nothing. Except of course the woke who have benefited greatly from the destruction.


Mainstream media must stop giving column inches to all the latest woke insanities

Another day, another woke madness hits the headlines. Today’s concerned the plant wisteria, which, of course, they deem to be racist. 

We have to have another approach. The mainstream media has to stop giving these lunatics the oxygen of publicity. If they want to deem a never-ending list of things racist, then they are of course allowed so to do. But there is no need for the rest of us to report it or read about it. 

The woke way depends on getting in the newspapers and causing outrage. That can easily be stopped if no one actually takes an interest in their announcements. 

After all, we know that they will not be happy until everything has been demonised and destroyed. So let’s just assume that every day there will be a new woke announcement and something else, probably much loved, will be deemed unacceptable. 

There is no need for us to take any interest. The majority of us don’t think that wisteria is racist, and we can go on with our lives, happily planting and tending wisteria without knowing that the neo-Marxists have targeted it. The woke can make all the this is racist pronouncements that they want, but the rest of us won’t have to hear it and if they’re not actually upsetting anyone they’ll soon have to find another way to frame their destructive anti-western ideas.

Of course, that new and improved leftism might be even worse, although it’s hard to see where they could go. But let’s stop encouraging their current method of trying to destroy something beloved of many by making spurious accusations. 

BBC apologise for programme that didn’t focus on race

‘Why I love balloons’ did not relate any aspect of balloons to racism, slavery or even trans rights

‘We apologise to minorities and neo-Marxists for not centring them in this short programme about balloons. We will use this as a moment to learn.’

The BBC has apologised for broadcasting a programme about a four year old and her love of balloons that didn’t focus on race.

Won’t happen again

Screenshot 2021 05 06 at 10 17 10A spokesman said, ‘Please consider our exemplary record on inserting race everywhere. Only this week we have discussed race in programmes about rugby, sausages, gardening, perfume and spectacles. This was a rare slip-up. We have already commissioned the four-year old in question to make a seven episode documentary entitled Why I hate my Whiteness to make amends.

Removed from iplayer

The director will undergo a decade of unconscious bias training and we will issue new guidelines that all our programmes must be 50% about cultural Marxist interests. Don’t worry, our campaign to destroy Britain continues, this is merely a small…

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Have you been affected by any of these issues? Have you ever forgotten to mention racism, sexism or transism whilst discussing something else entirely? If so get in touch.

lockdown trumpet

Church of England to replace Bible readings with excerpts from Critical Race Theory #LockdownTrumpet

New liturgy to include ten minute chants of ‘No justice, No Peace’

The Church of England has announced that it is to replace some bible readings with excerpts from critical race theory.

Bishop Hogwash Salton said, ‘I and the Church are institutionally racist, because racism is the trendy reason for any disparities whatsoever between people of different colours. I will therefore be giving my job to a minority and…no sorry, I mean making sure that 80% of all new clergy are minorities.’

Shouldn’t new ordinands by chosen by God not manmade quotas?

‘We know there will be some racists who say that God loves everyone regardless of skin colour, but we need to give him a bit of help to make sure that the right people get chosen.’

Destroyed church of england

When asked if he realised that Critical Theory was never satisfied and would continue to push for change until the church was destroyed from within, he said, ‘As a neo-Marxist I am delighted to see the Church being destroyed.’ A Press Officer nearby jumped in at this point and said that he had mis-spoken and meant to say ‘As a committed Christian and

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Diverse and Diversibility: Newly discovered novel proves Jane Austen was actually a black woman

Novel found down the back of a sofa in Bath pub hailed as her best work

Thanks to a newly discovered novel it has been revealed that Jane Austen was not the daughter of a clergyman who lived in Bath, but was actually an African woman from Ghana.

Jane austen diverse diversibility


‘We though she might be black,’ Horace Gitt, curator of Austeniana at the British Library said, ‘owing to her skilful use of language that seems quite unfitting for a white woman. The discovery of Diverse and Diversibility really proves that Jane was in fact a black woman from Ghana. This makes much more sense.’

Everyone is a racist

The plot of Diverse and Diversibility concerns a woman who thinks that everyone she meets is a racist. ‘She left behind her nonsense about human relationships and focused on the one issue that matters – finding racism everywhere.’ When asked if it might be a forgery, Gitt said

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Diverse and Diversibility

Cheese is racist, especially Cheddar. Says man who sells cheese alternative

‘For reasons that I will not go into as they are so traumatic, cheese is racist and may even be homophobic’

In an annoucement that has taken everyone by surprise it was revealed today that cheese is racist. 

I had no idea

On hearing the news in a local sandwich shop Mavis Queenbury said, ‘I’m shocked. I come in here everyday to order a cheese and pickle sandwich. I didn’t realise that that made me a white supremacist who wished death on minorities. I will have to rethink my lunch, maybe I’ll have tuna and mayonnaise on ciabatta instead.’

Stilton just as bad

Harris Daze who first made the connection between cheese and racism has warned people not to think that they can just change their Cheddar to Stilton and everything will be OK. ‘The reasons why cheese is racist are too many and varied for me to go into now. You must educate yourself. I can say that Cheddar is the worst example, but anyone who eats any cheese is basically saying they support genocide.’


‘If anyone knows of any restaurant that has ever served cheese then they should be firebombed to teach them a lesson. I hope this will soon be government policy.

Cheese alternative

Luckily Mr Daze knows of a cheese alternative that will be suitable for those looking for a cheese-substitute. ‘I am importing Chxxse from Namibia, which is a cheese-like product made by black farmers from horse-hair and earth. It is Zero Carbon and only seven times the price of Cheddar. It’s been dyed black to be less offensive. I am offering 5% off all new orders so order today and

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Have you been affected by any of these issues? Will you give up cheese now it is racist? If so, get in touchcheese is racist