University bans correct spelling in an attempt to destroy Western Civilisation, sorry, a push for inclusivity and equity

‘Your alphabetical truth is as valid as any other’ says university, claiming correct spelling is just another example of white supremacy along with gardening

The University of Weston-Super-Mare has banned correct spelling and any of its educators who mark a student down for bad spelling are to be shot.

Different alphabetical truths

‘There is no such thing as bad spelling,’ Corinth Jackson, lecturer in Anti-Maleness said today. ‘There are just different alphabetical truths. Who are we to say that the way of spelling a word for centuries is the right way?’ Anna da Dreep, professor of agender studies added, ‘Spelling correctly is the main way that white racists spread their bile-filled message of hate. Dickens, Shakespeare, Trollope, Agatha Christie, all spelt correctly, or is it spelled correctly – see, even I am suffering from their evil need for correct words to be used. Anyway, this is the way to get more minorities into university.’

Utter confusion

Critics of the move have said that lowering standards is surely not the way to improve anything for anyone, and that this will lead to confusion. ‘It could even lead to death’, said GG Plib. ‘Imagine if these students misspell their online search when searching for gin and accidentally buy a gun.’

What is the aim?

When asked what possible advantage there could be for students who cannot spell, Dreep said, ‘This is an important step in the drive to destroy Western

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Have you been affected by any of these issues? Have you ever been told something is racist by people trying to destroy society? If so get in touch.

lockdown trumpet

Diary of an Unexpected dissident – Covid passports will only last a year? Wanna buy a bridge?

Thursday 8th April 2021

Now the rumours are that the government will make any covid passports time limited. So all the ministers saying passports will never be considered were lying. More untruths to add to the enormous pile that makes believing anything No. 10 says impossible.

Then i said vaccine passport only last year

Time limited vaccine passports sounds an improvement. That’s what they want us to think, of course. Talk about something outrageous and then when something slightly less outrageous is suggested we lap it up. I’d like to believe it, but will a government ever give back control they have taken? As Friedman said, Nothing is as permanent as a temporary govt measure. Inome tax was a temporary measure and that was introduced in 1842.





On the woke racists

How Calvin Robinson puts up with the people he has to debate with is hard to fathom. Today’s race baiter that he was up against on the radio actually came out with the phrase ‘I am an expert because I am black.’ How a view like that has been allowed to NOT be defined as racist is remarkable and how someone with that view thinks they are one of the good guys is absurd. It shows the damage that Critical Race Theory has done to society. Such crazy talk should be challenged in the same way as would occur if a white person said ‘I’m an expert because I am white’. Of course it isn’t, which is Marcuse’s Up the Leftists regressive tolerance on display.


Really struggling with not believing it is all over and we’ve lost the fight. We have to keep fighting, but so much is against us. How will this end? Good has to prevail, doesn’t it? I spoke to someone at the weekend who thought it best to duck out and just let it blow over. I’m not sure this will blow over. Any hope gratefully received.

Tortoisephobia: the unspoken hate in Britain’s gardens

Screenshot 2021-03-26 at 14.31.10

75% of all tortoises report being mistaken for a turtle

‘Tortoisephobia is inherent in Britain’, a new pressure group TORT+ has claimed, throwing the Wokerati into paroxysms of self-loathing.

I didn’t know that was a thing

‘I didn’t know that tortoisephobia was a thing,’ admitted Woke-in-chief Sally Conte, ‘But now that I do I will devote my life to eradicating it everywhere it is found, and everywhere it isn’t found as well.’

Systemic tortoisephobia

The report is damning of everyone in the country, saying most people don’t know the difference between a tortoise and a turtle. ‘Mis-species-ing tortoises is a terrible hate crime that will soon be punishable in Scotland by life imprisonment,’ the report says. ‘Systemic tortoisephobia is everywhere, and until everyone in the country has undertaken Implicit Bias training it will never be reduced.

Training available

Luckily, TORT+ are offering Implicit Bias training that will help tortoises live normal lives.

We asked Colin at London zoo for his opinion but he was too busy eating a piece of lettuce to comment. On his behalf a zoo keeper admitted tortoisephobia…

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The London Iconoclast Commission – destroying London’s heritage

The mayor of London has announced a commission to look at ‘diversity in the public realm’. The blurb states ‘London is one of the most diverse cities in the world, with more than 300 languages spoken every day. Yet its statues, plaques and street names largely reflect a bygone era.‘ To which any right-thinking person says, of course, because statues, plaques and street names reflect the past. To try and change them is to erase history.

New statues, plaques and street names can reflect what the local communities democratically want. But to fiddle with the past is outrageous.

If you are concerned about this please find out more at Save our Statues.

It can’t be called the ‘Chinese Virus’, but it can be called the ‘UK variant’? Nothing makes sense any more…

Some of the double standards and inherent instability of the woke/Social Justice mindset has been made clear during Covid.

Calling a virus that comes from China, the Chinese Virus is disallowed, even though it is factual. Yet a new variant, first found in the UK is happily called the UK variant! And there would be more argument for not calling it the UK variant as it is just the highly detailed UK testing that found it first rather than the fact that it originated in the UK.

Double standards? Yes. And no country can allow itself to be governed or ruled by a system that has double standards.

Wokery will have to eat itself as it has no inherent sense or stability. But how long will it take, and what will it destroy in the process?

Closing a prayer with Amen…and Awoman? Have we reached peak woke madness?

It happened in the American Congress so this can’t be dismissed as frivolous fringe behaviour. The session was opened with a prayer that ended ‘Amen and Awoman.’

It sounds preposterously unlikely but it’s true. The prayer leading up to it was a word melange but the ending was a weird woke attempt at inclusivity. Except that Amen means it is so, so what was actually said was it is so, a woman. So men were left out. Not very inclusive after all. Except of course that in the woke ideology leaving out men is seen as positive.

The woke have made the first step in replacing Christian prayer. How long until they just say Awoman without Amen?

You’d hope it would be forever, but don’t bet against it happening sometime this year. Or this month. Or this week. Things move quickly as the woke try and replace Christianity.

When will the insanity end? Woke fireworks bring Marxist non-democratic politics into UK’s New Year’s Eve celebrations

When will the onslaught of woke politics end?

Are we never again to be able to enjoy a firework display as a firework display, or a football match as a football match? Must the Marxist social justice warriors inflict their brand of west-loathing, minorities-using, race-baiting self-hatred on everything?

Do they have no sense of when enough is enough? Surely in a year when celebrating New Year’s Eve was literally banned they could step back from the constant forcing of an unpopular agenda and think, this firework display is for everyone. Let us not be divisive, let us use this public money to produce something that everyone can enjoy.

Unfortunately not.

Instead we have a firework display that…On the day that the UK leaves the EU – which is what a majority of the country wanted – the colours of the EU flag are used to decorate a bridge. The divisive Critical Race Theory of Black Lives Matter is celebrated with a Black Power fist.

The cult of the NHS was flashed up in the sky, even when Britons are being told that it is their job to protect the hospitals.

Why wasn’t the UK celebrated on the very day that it left the EU?

Or even better than that…why wasn’t it just a firework display? Sans politics. Something fun to give people a spectacle in the middle of a locked-downed winter?

When will the insanity end?

Pray: Fighting the Cultural Marxist folly with Christianity


The Cultural Marxism that has infected the West holds Christianity in great contempt.

We are surrounded by the woke who lap up Islam and any amount of Eastern religions, because they know that ultimately they are powerless and man-made. 

But Christianity is high on their hit-list. It seems crazy that after an Islamist atrocity the woke will actually talk of how religions must be respected whilst – in making that very point –  blaspheming against Jesus. But they are just the boots on the ground, they may not even notice what they are doing. 

However it is part of the ideology that has been so cunningly laid before them under the guise of inclusivity, diversity and all the other buzzwords that the woke enjoy using.

With Christianity still existing they know that their plans will fail. So they keep trying to destroy it.

And these people have infiltrated the church. There are those within the church who are pushing the marxist agenda. Again, they may not even realise it, like eco-warriors not realising that at the heart of their movement is an eco-marxism.

These church members are our brothers and sisters. We are wrong on some things, they are wrong on others. We are all human. Debate and discussion does not seem to work. They continue to push the progressive agenda that they see as inclusivity and equality when it is really destructive and heretical. What do we have left?

We must remember that our struggle is not against flesh and blood. Most of these people know not what they do. Our fight isn’t against them, but against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil, as we are told in Ephesians 6.

But more than that we have what we should have used first. Prayer. We must pray. And we must remember that Jesus is in control. Even when it looks as though we are fighting a losing battle, he is with us. He will prevail, in that there is no doubt. Remember Paul’s words in Romans 8, For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. 

Yes, we are in an existential fight and people want to destroy us and the church. But we have an advantage. We know how this plays out. We know that Jesus wins.

Of that we can be sure.