Diary of an unexpected dissident- Johnson makes himself unelectable and mandates vaccine passports in nightclubs

So it’s happened. The reassurances have proved to be lies and the government is introducing vaccine passports for nightclubs and large events.

Let’s just remember that we are talking about Britain, mother of the free. The country that has gone to war for democracy because it is so important and spreads freedom around the world. And here, in England, the government is saying that to live a normal life you have to sign up for government tracking.

This totalitarianism has been announced on the so-called Freedom Day, which must make even the most loyal government supporter wonder how exactly Johnson is defining freedom. At the moment is it only for nightclubs and large events, but given we were promised there would be no passports at all, who knows where it will end?

If you want to look at this policy under its own medical logic it makes no sense. Nightclubs can only let in vaccinated people, yet we know that the vaccine doesn’t stop people spreading the virus.

But more importantly, this ushers in a system which lets the government control where you go and let’s the government know where you are.

It’s temporary…yes, of course. Just like income tax was temporary.

We need to make it clear to the government that this sort of totalitarianism is not acceptable in Britain. It is an outrage of gargantuan proportions to implement any policy that forces citizens to show ‘papers’ to live a normal life.

How does a conservative government even begin to think this is a sensible idea? How can they not see the historical parallels and the dangerous direction this takes the country?

Clearly they are starting with the young, hoping to coerce them into a vaccine that is not without risks for them so that they can go clubbing.

This is clearly an outrageous thing for a government to do. Young people are not the at-risk group for Covid. If they take vaccines they don’t need, some will have bad reactions.

Don’t think that it doesn’t affect you because you don’t go clubbing. Once the vax passport is normalised it will be extended. Do you really think they have gone to this trouble for just nightclubs?

You might think that the government would never do anything that would harm its citizens. It must be doing the right thing. But remember, they have just locked us up for a year without any sort of cost benefit analysis of the policy.

What is their end game? They are implementing a policy that will give them knowledge of where everyone is and will allow them to block people from going to certain places. The control that this policy gives the government is enormous and never ending.

They would never use a vaccine passport for bad, people say. Well, even if you trust this government, and there are many reasons why you shouldn’t, how do we know what a future government might do? And the signs from this government are that they wouldn’t be averse to using such a system.

This is a terrible moment in the history of Great Britain. The French have recently endured similar pronouncements and it appears the government there has backtracked. Let us make sure the government here also has to apologise for even considering this shocking totalitarian attack on its citizens.


Diary of an Unexpected Dissident – first pub announces it will discriminate against the unvaccinated

Thurs 15 July

A pub in Norwich is in the news as the first pub to enforce vaccine passports. No entry for the unvaccinated. So it’s started and it feels sickening. Discrimination, which is so frowned upon if done by other criteria is being enthusiastically embraced. Do these people not see where this leads? Do they not see the lack of logic in admitting vaccinated people who still catch and spread the virus? The division has begun and the government is encouraging it. Rather than mandate it at the moment it praises companies that introduce it and makes them feel virtuous. The government encourages people to discriminate. What insanity we have reached.

Three weeks to flatten the curve to you can’t go to a pub without showing your papers. In less than 18 months.

Diary of an Unexpected Dissident – from ‘three weeks to flatten the curve’ to you will be sacked from your job for not having a vaccine injection #novaccinepassports

The world has changed so much that to live a normal life is to be seen as a dissident

Wed 14th July

The pressure is ramping up. Yesterday, with most of the population unaware, MPs voted in favour of mandating vaccines for carers. There we have it, the Rubicon has been crossed. People will lose their jobs. People will be thrown into poverty. People will be unable to visit relatives.

This normalises discrimination. If the government are doing it then I can do it, some people think. Already I know of someone organising a party for friends, and only allowing people who have been vaccinated to attend. And they think they are the good guys.

We are living through an insane tyranny. A divisive, hypocritical tyranny where MPs don’t have to wear masks, but other people in the House of Commons do. Where G7 leaders don’t have to wear masks, Social distance or quarantine, but the people serving them do.

We have gone from ‘three weeks to flatten the curve’ to you will be sacked from your job for not having a vaccine injection. This is not the policy of a mature Western democracy that has championed freedom around the world.

What are our politicians thinking? Is there some extra information that we are not being told that makes this all make sense? How do you make sense of this destruction of people’s lives?

Diary of an Unexpected Dissident – vaccine passports and our loss of freedoms

Tues July 13rd 2021

The world has changed so much that to live a normal life is to be seen as a dissident

Things are closing in on those of us who love freedom. We believed we lived in a country that held freedom as one of the highest needs of man, a country that went to war to battle totalitarians. But now that totalitarianism has appeared at home.

After months of telling us that there would be no vaccine passports the latest news is that there will be vaccine passports. This is outrageous, because of the governmental lying, but also of course the fundamental incompatibility between vaccine passports and a western democracy.

France has already announced vaccine passports will be necessary to visit cafes. Cafes! A western government is controlling where its citizens can go. And the British government is heading down the same path. Currently it is saying it will apply to big events. Can I book a ticket for a ‘big event’ in a few weeks, or will I arrive and have to divulge my medical records and find myself shut out?

We are no longer heading to a communist-inspired totalitarian dystopia, we are living it. Historians will wonder how it was ever allowed to happen.

How can we resist the encroaching madness?

Diary of an Unexpected dissident – Covid passports will only last a year? Wanna buy a bridge?

Thursday 8th April 2021

Now the rumours are that the government will make any covid passports time limited. So all the ministers saying passports will never be considered were lying. More untruths to add to the enormous pile that makes believing anything No. 10 says impossible.

Then i said vaccine passport only last year

Time limited vaccine passports sounds an improvement. That’s what they want us to think, of course. Talk about something outrageous and then when something slightly less outrageous is suggested we lap it up. I’d like to believe it, but will a government ever give back control they have taken? As Friedman said, Nothing is as permanent as a temporary govt measure. Inome tax was a temporary measure and that was introduced in 1842.





On the woke racists

How Calvin Robinson puts up with the people he has to debate with is hard to fathom. Today’s race baiter that he was up against on the radio actually came out with the phrase ‘I am an expert because I am black.’ How a view like that has been allowed to NOT be defined as racist is remarkable and how someone with that view thinks they are one of the good guys is absurd. It shows the damage that Critical Race Theory has done to society. Such crazy talk should be challenged in the same way as would occur if a white person said ‘I’m an expert because I am white’. Of course it isn’t, which is Marcuse’s Up the Leftists regressive tolerance on display.


Really struggling with not believing it is all over and we’ve lost the fight. We have to keep fighting, but so much is against us. How will this end? Good has to prevail, doesn’t it? I spoke to someone at the weekend who thought it best to duck out and just let it blow over. I’m not sure this will blow over. Any hope gratefully received.

Diary of an Unexpected Dissident #1 – Are we looking forward to cricket and Proust, or life in a gulag?

Surely the UK experiment with totalitarian communism won’t continue

Who knows where this vaccine passport madness ends. A gulag in the Highlands? A bullet in the back of the head? Or maybe it all calms down, the government decides the experiment with totalitarian communism was an aberration and we can all go back to watching the cricket and reading Proust. Whatever, here is a diary to mark the descent into insanity/return to normal…

– 6 April 21

Crazy that an Englishman should be writing this. But it’s looking bleak. The government a few months ago said they wouldn’t introduce vaccine passports. A couple of weeks ago it was something they were evaluating. There was talk of them being needed for pubs. Now we are supposed to be grateful that they won’t be needed for pubs, but may be needed for big events.

I don’t care what they might be needed for, they are a monstrous imposition and a huge step into totalitarianism. They would give the government the technological infrastructure to implement a Chinese communist style social credit system. They wouldn’t do that, friends say, this is England. A year ago I might have agreed. But they have just locked us in our houses for a year. That was a definitely a ‘they wouldn’t do that in England’ thing. If they’d do that they could do anything. We can not rely on trust anymore.

The state has turned on its people

How sad that the state has turned on its people. In the Telegraph today Frederick Forsyth said he’d seen nothing like it since the East German government propaganda saying that the Berlin Wall was to keep the aggressive west Berliners out. So many lies have been told it is impossible to believe anything that is said by Number Ten or its spokesmen.

Two friends have told me they have had their vaccines. 

The actual vaccine is not what I am worried about. It is the vaccine passport, totalitarianism, communism, gulags, and having to write this diary from prison that is more worrying.