Podcast – first short episode of The Unexpected Dissidents – Ed and Anne prepare for an anti-lockdown protest

First podcast episode of The Unexpected Dissidents, a new drama featuring Ed and Anne, living in England and unable to understand the hysteria surrounding the Covid-19 response in the UK and around the world. What exactly is going on? Join Ed as he prepares for an anti-lockdown protest in London.

Short and experimental.

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Short Satirical Podcast: Completely safe vaccine not actually completely safe

Podcast episode 2 – Back to satire

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After last week’s rant about vaccine passports and how life in China or North Korea will soon have less surveillance than the UK we return to satire and our front page article: Completely safe vaccine not actually completely safe

Future pods might include the Diary of an Unexpected Dissident as well, but for the moment that’s your lot. Thanks for listening.

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Podcast episode 1 – Vaccine passports? No, because we do not want to usher in a Totalitarian-Pinko-Fascisto-Techno-Maoist ‘Utopia’

If we let vaccine passports come in to being then we will might as well give up and go and live in China. Although we won’t have to because it will be just as bad here as there.

The system will allow governments to control every aspect of your life. It’s no good saying that will never happen here, we have just been locked in our houses for a year, anything could happen here.

Anyway, here’s a short podcast about the madness.

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