Funny comedy still exists! Most comedy is now eco-leftist virtue signalling indoctrination but Dominic Frisby is actually funny

If you thought you’d never again be able to out to a comedy club because of the commie propaganda that passes as stand up, there is good news.

Dominic Frisby is a writer and comedian. You’ve probably seen him on Live at the Apollo. Oh no, you wouldn’t have done, because he’s a libertarian comedian, who thinks, like most sensible people, that socialism doesn’t work. It will be a while before you see the Dominic Frisby show on primetime BBC1.

Last night he was in town with his band the Gilets Jaunes at the Backyard Comedy Club, singing classic hits like 17 Million Fuck-Offs, the Maybe song and some new releases like I Am A White Man And I’m Sorry.

These days it’s rare to experience comedy that hasn’t imbibed the various wokeries that the world is suffering from, so it is staggering when a comedian gets up on stage and wittily asks questions like should the funding of the BBC be rethought and maybe 52% of the country aren’t racist for voting Brexit.

His amusing lyrics touch on subjects such as the way leftists blame white men for every injustice ever committed by anyone, anywhere, but forget all their enormous contributions to global life and the strange development of the idea that if you disagree with someone you are spreading hate.

There were many catchy tunes in the nearly two hour show which finished with an unexpectedly scatological song which as a fellow libertarian I can have no complaints about, even if I would have preferred a rousing reprise of one of the earlier crowd pleasers.

If you’ve given up with the comedy circuit owing to its bizarre belief that it is now a wing of a leftist polytechnic rather than anything to do with entertainment give the next Dominic Frisby show a go. I think you’ll enjoy it.


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