Flu deaths to rise: here come the terrible side effects of the terrible lockdown diktats

Figures quoted in the media are invariably inaccurate, so when the news announces that deaths from flu ‘could hit 60,000’ this winter it is vital to take the actual number with the usual pinch of salt. But the fact that flu deaths are going to go up, even if not to the levels claimed, is alarming.

The reasons given for this increase in deaths? Lockdown and social distancing.

When lockdown was instigated there was no cost-benefit analysis done at all. If there had been then this is exactly the sort of thing that would have been examined. Lockdown has caused a huge backlog in operations and caused many people to be given much worse diagnoses than if they had been able to see a doctor earlier.

The flu jab that is given every year will be less efficacious, again because lockdown meant that there wasn’t enough flu going around for scientists to create the best possible injection.

This could come under the heading ‘Huge and Unexpected Side-effects of Lockdown’, but the side effects should have been researched and cannot be dismissed as unexpected. It was obvious that locking people in their houses would have a raft of terrible effects, effects that are just beginning to appear.

We won’t get apologies for the economy-destroying, life-sapping, life-taking lockdowns of the last two years, but we must have an acknowledgement of their damage and an undertaking: Lockdown must never be inflicted on the population again.


Church holds service at Wembley so that hymns can legally be sung

‘The Covid restrictions are insane,’ said rector Tommy Govern today, after renting Wembley Stadium for next Sunday’s service. ‘We are not allowed to sing in church, but I have just watched thousands of fans singing at the England match. This government is placing sport above worship.’


‘Singing is allowed at sporting events,’ he continued. ‘So we will have an inter-Church Football tournament every week on the pitch, whilst the congregation sings hymns and listens to a sermon in the stands. If this is the only way that we can legally worship our Lord and Saviour, so be it.‘

Whistleblower: UK Covid policy decided ‘by rolling dice in No.10’

Whistleblower claims policy decisions made by late night dice rolls

Mr Hxncxck, who wishes to remain anonymous but claims he holds ‘a high level role in the government’ has admitted that Covid policy has ‘mainly been decided by rolling dice’.

‘It started when we couldn’t decide how long to lock down for. The PM said, ‘I’ll fetch my lucky dice,’ and he rolled a three. So we locked down for three weeks.’

‘Soon we were putting all our decisions to the dice. We even decided how many Nightingale hospitals to open by rolling dice. I actually said we shouldn’t use dice to decide how much PPE to order, but I was overruled by the PM.

‘We has no idea how long was appropriate for quarantine, so we rolled two dice and came up with two fives. So we said you had to quarantine for ten days, but could take a test after five. It was a good compromise that took both dice into account.’

These revelations have been met by widespread head-nodding. Phrases such as ‘At last the illogical government response to Covid makes sense’ have been heard around the UK.

Anti-lockdown virtual exhibition: Call for artists, patrons and viewers

Enough is enough. Let us turn to the power of art to change the world.

This is a call for artists to examine and respond to the lockdown that we are all experiencing. Dissenting voices are silenced, so it falls to artists to provide a critique. The exhibition will be held in a virtual gallery space from 19th February to 26th February 2021.

Please submit up to 3 works.

The exhibition will be held in a virtual gallery, so we can only accept 2D works.

There is no fee to submit.

Works should be submitted by email to fitzroviacircle@protonmail.com with a short artist’s statement.

Deadline 17.2.21

Anti lockdown exhibition

Freddie asks about the covid-19 lockdown- short picture book questioning #covid19 #lockdown response

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One of the features of the reaction to the SARS-CoV2 pandemic around the world is a shutting down of debate around the efficacy of lockdowns. This seems remarkable, given that it is a new policy that had never been tried before.

Why has our government imported wholesale a policy invented in communist China? It seems unbelievable that something so outrageous as making people stay in their homes was ever considered in the UK, let alone used for months on end as official policy.

In a free country people who lock other people away in houses are usually arrested. So there would have to be hugely impressive reasons for that to become government policy.

However, instead of proving the overwhelming success of lockdowns, governments have refused to consider any other policy. Which is odd.

Here is a small contribution to the discussion on lockdowns. Freddie has some questions about them. You can get it as a .MOBI, .EPUB or a .AZK by clicking here.


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