BBC apologise for programme that didn’t focus on race

‘Why I love balloons’ did not relate any aspect of balloons to racism, slavery or even trans rights

‘We apologise to minorities and neo-Marxists for not centring them in this short programme about balloons. We will use this as a moment to learn.’

The BBC has apologised for broadcasting a programme about a four year old and her love of balloons that didn’t focus on race.

Won’t happen again

Screenshot 2021 05 06 at 10 17 10A spokesman said, ‘Please consider our exemplary record on inserting race everywhere. Only this week we have discussed race in programmes about rugby, sausages, gardening, perfume and spectacles. This was a rare slip-up. We have already commissioned the four-year old in question to make a seven episode documentary entitled Why I hate my Whiteness to make amends.

Removed from iplayer

The director will undergo a decade of unconscious bias training and we will issue new guidelines that all our programmes must be 50% about cultural Marxist interests. Don’t worry, our campaign to destroy Britain continues, this is merely a small…

Continued on p.24

Have you been affected by any of these issues? Have you ever forgotten to mention racism, sexism or transism whilst discussing something else entirely? If so get in touch.

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