Today #VaccinePassports, tomorrow Social Credits – After lockdowns we do not need another policy imported from Communist China

The idea of an entire country – or even an entire world – having to have vaccine passports to be allowed to travel, meet in groups or go to the local pub is something that we would not have even considered a few years ago. The overwhelming view would have been that it was an outrage on individual liberties.

However since 2020 the world has changed. The Covid-19 virus from Wuhan has infiltrated our countries and vaccination passports are mooted as a way out. They are proposed as a way of getting our liberties back. But is this proposal actually, in a beautiful example of Orwellian doublespeak, the exact opposite? Would we be giving away our liberties if we accept vaccine passports? Should we accept this? Is it a reasonable idea?

Should the government have that much control over our lives?

Make no mistake, a vaccine passport is a means by which the government can control who is allowed to do what. If we accept vaccine passports then we would be allowing the government to decide if we can go to the cinema on Friday night, go to the football on Saturday, or even go to church on Sunday. It is a chilling realisation.

People say that the vaccine is a one-off thing and once you’ve had it you get your vaccine passport and everything gets back to normal. But does it? What happens when the scanner ‘breaks’ at the door to the venue you want to enter? When the vaccine passport app has a bug that stops it working? And the organisers daren’t go ahead. One day we begin to realise that this mostly happens at events that the government doesn’t want to happen. Stopping dissent will be as easy as stopping the app working at certain locations.

When government has that much control where will it end?

Football fans accused of X, Y or Z may find their vaccine passports suddenly stop them gaining access to their team’s ground. It only takes a quick cross-reference of season ticket holders with passport data and the passport can be used to stop anything. This sharing of data wouldn’t be allowed, you might say. You would hope so. But don’t forget that contrary to claims when it was launched, the Track and Trace app has already been sharing data with the police.[1] So it is most definitely something that could happen.

A vaccine passport could be used to switch on and off an entire population’s ability to do certain things. Once vaccine passports have been accepted then there is nothing to stop the sudden requirement for a new vaccine. You think that you are all vaccined up, but then the government announces a new strain of something-or-other and says that everyone must have the new vaccine. Who is in charge of the new vaccine? (Or should that be WHO is charge of the new vaccine?!) Unless you have a vaccination lab in your basement then most of us are reliant on the government for the roll out. Who gets it first? Government supporters? How long is until the rest of the population get it? And until they get their vaccination their passport no longer lets them into pubs, onto trains, even into city centres! It is easy to imagine a dystopian nightmare where entry to Oxford Street or shopping centres are restricted. People are forced to forage on the streets because their vaccine passports are not up-to-date – through no fault of their own – and the doors of the supermarkets only open when you scan your vaccine passport.

Emotional damage – this need for a new vaccination could happen at any time.

The idea that you can book something in the future is out of the question. You are forced to watch the government’s news in case something changes. There might be a short governmental broadcast every day to keep us informed of the latest situation, because we could be living in a perpetual vaccine rollout. Just when the entire population has received one vaccine, there will be, at governmental decree, the need for a new one. Restrictions come in immediately and electronically for everyone. And so the process begins again.

It’s all a bit communist China…

The whole idea is reminiscent of the Chinese Social Credit System. A few years ago we would have laughed at a Western government taking ideas from communist China, but then we saw how delighted they were to impose lockdowns, imported directly from the CCP think tank in Beijing.

The communist Social Credit System monitors people and gives them a rating based on their behaviour. That rating then determines your chances of your kids getting into a school, whether you get a promotion, or whether you are allowed to travel, etc, etc. Your rating can improve by doing what the government wants. And it can drop by doing things the government doesn’t want. Get a speeding ticket…your rating goes down. Praise the government online, your rating goes up. Apologise insincerely[2] and which way do you think it goes?! Who makes the decisions that an apology isn’t sincere? The faces of people who don’t toe the line have been plastered on billboards. Along with their addresses!

Governments would love that kind of control

You can see how easily taking a government mandated vaccine could be part of that communist Social Credits system. And conversely you can see how in the West, a system that starts out purely vaccine-related could creep into other parts of society. Your rating on your vaccine passport becomes a source of pride. Those who are rated lower are shunned and avoided. A two-tier system is created and suddenly we have discrimination amongst citizens that will make other societal tensions look like kids falling out over a bag of chocolates.

Governments don’t give up power. Vaccine passports are a massive power grab. We must not allow them to be imposed.