The breakneck push for Net Zero is an impoverishing attack on Western lifestyle and values: Net Zero will ruin people’s lives

In what insane world is it a government’s job to make things worse and more expensive for its people?

Net Zero will ruin people’s lives. This is so clear that it must be a deliberate aim, at least for some of those pushing this absurd anti-human policy. For others it may just be acceptable collateral damage. Either way, centuries of increasing living standards in the West are being ended by dogmatic and ridiculous policies that whilst enriching minute parts of society, will enfeeble many more.

The whole idea of Net Zero for an individual country making any world-wide difference, particularly for a small country like Britain, is laughable. Even if you accept wholeheartedly the need to cut global emissions – and that is not the settled opinion that is claimed – the suggestion that by cutting emissions in our tiny area of Northern Europe we will somehow improve conditions globally is madness. Our emissions are circa 1% of those emitted around the globe. Even if we cut our emissions to nothing we would make no discernible difference.

‘We’re all in this together, every little counts’ activists say, but that argument is nonsense as we’re most definitely not all in this together. China and India are huge emitters and are taking no interest in cutting their emissions. Forcing Britons to lower their energy usage and stop travelling will make no noticeable difference, except for forcing many into fuel poverty and cold homes whilst stopping us travelling to visit friends and family because it is too expensive.

How can any of this be sensible?

Where Net Zero is coming from is also appalling to see. You might expect these sort of mad policies to emanate from a woke leftist party that loves to virtue signal, but it is the Tory party that is currently pushing these policies. Not to say that Labour won’t be just as keen when they get into power, but if we cannot rely on Conservatives to push back on obvious stupidity then there is a real problem in our democracy.

These policies were never voted for by the public. Yes they were hidden in the bowels of the last manifesto, but that was an election fought over Brexit. There was no expectation that the government would take some minor point from their manifesto and make it a main plank of their ongoing policies. Britain has one Green MP, so why is the Tory party implementing Green policies? We should not even be talking about any of these ultra-green policies until the electorate shows they want them by voting for rather more Green MPs.

Net Zero is going to push out cheap and reliable energy and modes of transport and replace them with less reliable, much more expensive versions. In what insane world is it a government’s job to make things worse and more expensive for its people? We left behind governing of the people for the elite when we took the world out of feudalism. The industrial revolution was a great thing that has lifted people out of poverty around the globe. Now we seem to be reneging on the governing of the people for the people that we have been practising and returning to an elite-knows-best system where those who benefit from these policies push them through to the detriment of everyone else.

For let’s not ignore the fact that these new policies will affect the rich very differently to the poor. MPs even get their second home heating bills paid on expenses whilst many people already struggling cannot heat their first and only property. Yet government policies are deliberately inflating prices.

With the refusal to make us energy secure and an over-reliance on renewables we are heading towards energy blackouts as happens in South Africa. Our governments have been so negligent that we will no longer be able to rely on flicking a switch and getting power, as has been the norm for decades. This should have been the ongoing norm had governments not been seduced into destroying normality for a gold star from their mates in the global elite.

Some politicians will know what is coming and regard it as an unfortunate side effect of the transition to their much touted greener world. But poverty should never be seen in this way. If their policies are causing poverty and hardship then they are the wrong policies.

But other politicians will know exactly what is coming. They will be cheering it on, knowing that this deliberately inflicted poverty will help bring about the huge changes that they want to see in the world.

For ultimately these green policies are not about greening the planet. How could they be when the UK’s contribution to emissions is so tiny? Behind the call for Net Zero lies a callous, anti-human power grab. These policies actively hurt people now whilst promising a chimerical success sometime in the future – a success that can’t be measured but will always cost more money and require more sacrifice.

The only thing these policies manage is to transfer power and freedom from individuals to the central decision makers. Other people will decide how far we can travel, how many flights we can take, how much we can heat our houses. It’s a society where individual freedom is replaced by diktats from above and people live within strict boundaries, punished if they try and deviate from the State’s decisions. It’s not the West that we developed and defended. Net Zero is a bizarre mix of elements some, like the social control it relies on, more reminiscent of communism than the free West. A technocratic elite that believes it knows best, and has access to the money to enrich themselves will tell us what to do, whilst not doing it themselves – witness the delegates giving Planes are Bad messages at climate conferences that they used planes to get to.

The big problem is that Net Zero makes perfect sense to those in power, as it consolidates their power and allows them to make huge transfers of public money to private companies. Few people leave politics poorer than they entered it. Even if they have impoverished their country in the process

The push for Net Zero is either insane or a deliberate attempt to impoverish

The heaters don’t heat, the cars don’t go far enough, the turbines don’t provide enough power, yet these are the things that Net Zero intends us to rely upon. 

We have to resist the ecodoom-mongers who would rather a planet with no one living on it than one that shows any sign of human life. As a species we have struggled out of extreme poverty for all. Many still live in poverty and that must be eradicated, but many people now live a life far better than their ancestors did only a hundred years ago – let alone before the industrial revolution. Capitalism has achieved this and it continues to pull people out of poverty. It will solve the issues that need to be solved, but it cannot do it by this time tomorrow, as the ecodoomers want. To even try is a recipe for impoverishment and a huge, highly destructive lowering of living standards.

What the Net Zero push will do is make a few people very rich, on the back of businesses that are only successful because of government policies. There is no free market push for things that don’t work – these green markets are literally being created by government. We are entering a Soviet style socialism, where suppliers are not reacting to market forces but to government edict. And that never works. When we are told what to make we end up with too much of things nobody needs and not enough of what people do need, because the business owners are creating what the government orders rather than what the market demands.

Such a system is great for those in the inner circle. For politicians it is basically a way to transfer public funds to private bank accounts.

In that way Net Zero is another of the bizarre alliances between ultra-leftists who want to destroy what exists at whatever cost, ready for their much-lauded, though never seen or articulated communist utopia, and ultra-crony-capitalists who make huge profits by supplying government with goods and serves that are unwanted and unprofitable for any but those with the contacts.

At some point it might be hoped that the two factions pushing this nonsense will realise their ultimate aims are incompatible. Yet the money pouring into the capitalist side of it may encourage them to allow the communist side to keep going. And so we end in poverty for most, extreme wealth for a few, power for the commies and little improvement in planetary climate, not least because the biggest polluters aren’t interested in joining in the self-destruction.

For those not part of the groups that will benefit Net Zero is utter insanity. For the rest, it is a chance to grab power and profit by deliberate impoverishment.

This must be resisted.

Breaking News: UK’s new Zero Food policy: 100% cut in your food intake by 2030 to stop climate change

‘Britain will lead the way in solving the climate problem with a simple 100% reduction in our food intake’

The government today announced plans to be the first country to implement a so-called Zero Food’ policy. ‘By 2030,’ said Javier Blimp, Minister for Culture, Hospitality and Population Control, ‘We aim to have reduced food intake for most people in the country by 100%.’

That sounds a lot

When questioned he admitted that it was going to be hard to meet the target, owing to ‘people being used to eating food. The prospect of not eating food is a new idea that we have to get over with Fear, Propaganda and Bullying, as we did with the Covid stuff.’

But won’t people die without food?

‘If this happened today then yes, people would die,’ Blimp admitted. ‘But we are sure that by 2030 our scientists will have developed food substitute that will easily feed the entire population. Of course there may be a few issues at the start, but I don’t envisage any one I care for dying.

‘More green energy needed’ say scientists funded by green energy companies

‘All the cheques, sorry, research points to a need for enforced eco-madness’

Scientists have announced that more green energy is needed to stop the planet being destroyed. ‘If the government does not act now and transfer huge amounts of public money to private companies making green energy then our funding will dry up,’ Carlos Dang said yesterday at the Conference of Climate Catastrophe.

The Alps will soon be under water

He continued, ‘There is no time to spare. If the payments do not begin soon we will have to start making more and more unhinged claims about climate change in order to frighten the population into complying.

Great teachers

‘We have learned a lot about how to do this by watching government ramp up Covid hysteria over the last year