Is ‘levelling up’ actually ‘equity’? And isn’t equity a form of communism? Why are the Tories flirting with it?

There’s a reason why Chamonix has more skiers than the Riviera. Using public funds to build an artificial ski slope in Nice whilst giving grants for ski hire companies and subsidising visits might buy votes but ultimately it is still a taxpayer-funded illusion.

‘Levelling up’ is supposedly going to save the Johnson government. It’s a list of 12 pledges that will be achieved by 2030, including things like R&D outside the South East will increase by 40% and the gap in Healthy Life Expectancy will have narrowed. It is being sold as a way to make the regions of Britain more equitable and the country less envious of London.

But isn’t it really just a way of centrally planning the economy? Setting quotas and outcome requirements is not the democratic, Tory, free market way of doing things. Why is the Conservative party pushing these socialist policies?

In theory, as always with ways of spending other people’s money, this initiative can be spun to sound great. What’s not to like about wealth being shared outside the South East? Why shouldn’t other areas benefit more from wealth creation?

The trouble is that in practice making everyone more equal works by making everyone have less. Sure equality of outcome is achieved, but it is an equality of misery.

Look at a recent example in the US. Teachers wanted to improve equity – the equality of outcome – in mathematics. It sounds great, but the solution was to stop teaching advanced classes to gifted students. Equality of outcome was achieved, but at the price of those who could have achieved more being stymied. No one received a better education. When you read the Levelling up pledge that the Healthy Life Expectancy gap between areas will have narrowed, this is the way it will most easily be achieved.

Insisting that equity is important and that output quotas must be achieved around the country is the stuff of Soviet Five Year Plans. It means that quotas for x, y and z will be achieved, not because x, y and z are needed but because government money is available for achieving x, y and z.

Levelling up sounds like a great slogan. But it contains within its DNA something antithetical to the Western democratic approach to a free life unencumbered by excessive government regulation.

Why are the Tories involved in this socialist thinking? Presumably they are borrowing from the leftist playbook, He who pays the voter gets the vote. Socialism is of infinite attraction to the envious, but its public money hose waters a field of votes that leftist parties have always tried to harvest. It is sad to see a Conservative party attempting the same trick.

University bans correct spelling in an attempt to destroy Western Civilisation, sorry, a push for inclusivity and equity

‘Your alphabetical truth is as valid as any other’ says university, claiming correct spelling is just another example of white supremacy along with gardening

The University of Weston-Super-Mare has banned correct spelling and any of its educators who mark a student down for bad spelling are to be shot.

Different alphabetical truths

‘There is no such thing as bad spelling,’ Corinth Jackson, lecturer in Anti-Maleness said today. ‘There are just different alphabetical truths. Who are we to say that the way of spelling a word for centuries is the right way?’ Anna da Dreep, professor of agender studies added, ‘Spelling correctly is the main way that white racists spread their bile-filled message of hate. Dickens, Shakespeare, Trollope, Agatha Christie, all spelt correctly, or is it spelled correctly – see, even I am suffering from their evil need for correct words to be used. Anyway, this is the way to get more minorities into university.’

Utter confusion

Critics of the move have said that lowering standards is surely not the way to improve anything for anyone, and that this will lead to confusion. ‘It could even lead to death’, said GG Plib. ‘Imagine if these students misspell their online search when searching for gin and accidentally buy a gun.’

What is the aim?

When asked what possible advantage there could be for students who cannot spell, Dreep said, ‘This is an important step in the drive to destroy Western

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