Questions about the UK government’s Ukrainian-in-the-spare-room policy: Is the pipeline – that Brexit cut off – of poor workers for the hyper-capitalists and voters for the leftists being reopened?

The UK government is encouraging British citizens to volunteer to have Ukrainians living with them in their house. They – or, of course, the tax payer – are even going to pay them £350 a month to house them.

This seems bizarre, not just because this sort of policy has never been mooted to help solve the homeless crisis amongst people who already live here. It seems especially bizarre so soon after everyone has been told not to mix with anyone else, not even their granny, owing to covid. It seems even more bizarre when much of the population has been – or even still is – avoiding the unvaccinated.

The whole policy may be purely altruistic. However two years of covid lies, advisor rule-breaking affairs and government partying make it hard to take anything the government does at face value. It is possible that the policy is merely as it sounds – Ukrainians stay here whilst they cannot stay at home, then they go back, grateful to have been given a place to stay.

Let us hope that is the case. But it’s possible to see how this could be meant in other ways. Ways that benefit both the hyper-capitalists and the leftists.

For the hyper-capitalists: It is convenient is it not, that the country is about to be flooded with Ukrainians used to low wages. Just when the open tap of East European workers has been turned off, suddenly a free for all of new low wage workers arrives.

For the leftists: Now that the Eastern EU cannot be used to build leftist voting blocs in the UK, it is convenient to be able to import a huge number of low income, left-wing voters. For does anyone believe that when the time limit is up the Left will not say ‘look at these people who have put down roots in the UK, their children are at school here, they must be allowed to stay’. And there is very little doubt that many will stay.

Is the pipeline that Brexit cut off of poor workers for the hyper-capitalists and voters for the leftists being reopened?

Is this deliberate? Or is the whole policy purely altruistic?