Johnson’s partying demonstrates that the government’s Covid information can’t be trusted. The very people telling us it was too dangerous to meet up were in fact happy to meet up.

This suggests that the fear they were instilling in people around the country was not something they felt themselves.

These were the people at the top of government, with easy access to the actual data about covid. They were not relying on what the government said, but were instead the people deciding what the government said.

They were pushing a message of fear, yet if they were truly frightened they would have rushed home after having to spend the day at Number Ten. Instead they drank wine and munched crisps together. These are not the actions of people frightened they may catch a virus that may kill them.

Any trust in the government to tell the truth has disintegrated. We are left bereft of guidance, unable to trust governmental advice.

Flu deaths to rise: here come the terrible side effects of the terrible lockdown diktats

Figures quoted in the media are invariably inaccurate, so when the news announces that deaths from flu ‘could hit 60,000’ this winter it is vital to take the actual number with the usual pinch of salt. But the fact that flu deaths are going to go up, even if not to the levels claimed, is alarming.

The reasons given for this increase in deaths? Lockdown and social distancing.

When lockdown was instigated there was no cost-benefit analysis done at all. If there had been then this is exactly the sort of thing that would have been examined. Lockdown has caused a huge backlog in operations and caused many people to be given much worse diagnoses than if they had been able to see a doctor earlier.

The flu jab that is given every year will be less efficacious, again because lockdown meant that there wasn’t enough flu going around for scientists to create the best possible injection.

This could come under the heading ‘Huge and Unexpected Side-effects of Lockdown’, but the side effects should have been researched and cannot be dismissed as unexpected. It was obvious that locking people in their houses would have a raft of terrible effects, effects that are just beginning to appear.

We won’t get apologies for the economy-destroying, life-sapping, life-taking lockdowns of the last two years, but we must have an acknowledgement of their damage and an undertaking: Lockdown must never be inflicted on the population again.

Diary of an Unexpected Dissident – first pub announces it will discriminate against the unvaccinated

Thurs 15 July

A pub in Norwich is in the news as the first pub to enforce vaccine passports. No entry for the unvaccinated. So it’s started and it feels sickening. Discrimination, which is so frowned upon if done by other criteria is being enthusiastically embraced. Do these people not see where this leads? Do they not see the lack of logic in admitting vaccinated people who still catch and spread the virus? The division has begun and the government is encouraging it. Rather than mandate it at the moment it praises companies that introduce it and makes them feel virtuous. The government encourages people to discriminate. What insanity we have reached.

Three weeks to flatten the curve to you can’t go to a pub without showing your papers. In less than 18 months.

More Covid untruths: Five days quarantine? In practice you’re likely to suffer at least six

So much of the Covid information we are given makes little sense or is downright untrue. To that list we can add the UK’s five day quarantine requirement. It is billed as five days. In fact it is likely to be at least six.

Why is this?

The system works thus: on the fifth day in prison, sorry, quarantine, you take a test. That test then has to be delivered to a lab. Your quarantine cannot end until you get the result of that test.

The time of your result depends firstly on delivery times, but even when the processing company receives your test in their lab, the expected time to get a result also depends on the speed of their processing. This is estimated at 12-24 hours. So your ability to escape quarantine in the claimed five days depends on them delivering it to their lab immediately and the result not taking much longer than their shortest estimate.

In a case brought to our attention, the test didn’t arrive at the lab until the next morning. So the 12-24 hour wait for the result only starts on day six.

This is baked into the system. Even escaping quarantine after six days depends on the testing company sticking to their timescales.

To quarantine for only five days depends on the testing company working faster than their own timetables suggest they will. It is unfair and misleading when a five day quarantine is almost impossible to achieve.

Not least of course because the whole idea is ludicrous. If the disease is so dangerous you have to be locked up for five days to make sure you haven’t got it, why is it OK to travel from the airport on public transport to the place you are quarantining?

Very few of the Covid laws bear scrutiny. But the five day quarantine claim is only achievable under perfect conditions.

Whistleblower: UK Covid policy decided ‘by rolling dice in No.10’

Whistleblower claims policy decisions made by late night dice rolls

Mr Hxncxck, who wishes to remain anonymous but claims he holds ‘a high level role in the government’ has admitted that Covid policy has ‘mainly been decided by rolling dice’.

‘It started when we couldn’t decide how long to lock down for. The PM said, ‘I’ll fetch my lucky dice,’ and he rolled a three. So we locked down for three weeks.’

‘Soon we were putting all our decisions to the dice. We even decided how many Nightingale hospitals to open by rolling dice. I actually said we shouldn’t use dice to decide how much PPE to order, but I was overruled by the PM.

‘We has no idea how long was appropriate for quarantine, so we rolled two dice and came up with two fives. So we said you had to quarantine for ten days, but could take a test after five. It was a good compromise that took both dice into account.’

These revelations have been met by widespread head-nodding. Phrases such as ‘At last the illogical government response to Covid makes sense’ have been heard around the UK.

Lockdown Trumpet: Completely safe vaccine not actually completely safe

The science that showed it was completely safe now shows it isn’t

After months of telling anyone who would listen that the vaccine was completely safe and anyone who questioned it was a mad anti-vaxxer who should be thrown into a volcano, it has been admitted that the vaccine is not actually completely safe.

Fine for 31 year olds

‘This vaccine is absolutely fine for 31 year olds to take’, Wilter Hobwater, minister for health propaganda and sport said at lunchtime, ‘And anyone who says it isn’t is a mad anti-vaxxer who should be thrown into a volcano.’

When asked how it could be safe for a 31 year old and not for a 30 year old he shook his head sadly as though talking to a child and said, ‘we are following the science.’

Don’t worry, would we lie to you?

‘The main point is not to worry. The number of people dying is minuscule and a few people dying here and there is a small price to pay. Yes they would not have died of Covid because of their age, but would we lie to you?’ When it was pointed out that the government had lied continually throughout this debacle he said, ‘What is truth?’ and jumped out of the window to avoid using  

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blood clots vaccine

Whistleblower: “Lockdown to be extended as PM desperate to win ‘Longest Lockdown’ award at G7 summit”

‘It’s become an obsession, he’s determined to beat Angela Merkel”

A Downing Street whistleblower has confirmed fears that the lockdown is to be extended.

Jabs for trees?

‘The PM has been desperate for any excuse to extend lockdown,’ the whistleblower said. ‘He has been offering SAGE scientists extra money every time they think of a new reason why lockdown must be extended. They are considering saying it is too dangerous to open up the country until all the trees have had the vaccine as well as humans.’

G7 contest?

When asked why the PM was so keen to extend lockdown she added, ‘It’s all to do with the upcoming G7 summit. The leaders have got a bet on who can have the longest lockdown and he’s desperate to win. The prize is a bottle of Champagne and the chance to be deputy President of Hemisperia One when all this is over.’


She also said that all the leaders were amazed that lockdowns had been accepted. ‘They only really imposed them for a joke to show how powerful they were, but now they’ve destroyed the world economy and aren’t really sure what to do next.’

Lockdown or prison

‘Most leaders have realised that once lockdown is over people will campaign for them to be imprisoned for crimes against humanity. So lockdown will last forever.’

JJ Kipp

fitzrovia gazette

PM: It was just a slip of the tongue when I said ‘Lockdown to be lifted as soon as all UK public money transferred to private companies’

A few moments after the PM said that Lockdown will be lifted as soon as all UK public money has been transferred to private companies his spokesman has made a statement claiming it was just a slip of the tongue.

We all make mistakes

‘The PM was tired after months of fighting covid-19 on behalf of the ungrateful citizens of this country and so he accidentally said something that was entirely untrue,’ the spokesman said. ‘Where he intimated that lockdown would only be lifted when all public money had been transferred to private companies, he actually meant to say that lockdown will be lifted when everyone has been vaccinated. It was a minor slip of the tongue and there is no need to mention it ever again.

Opposition wants more money transferred

The leader of the opposition immediately said that the PM was wrong in so many ways that he should resign immediately.

‘The PM has shown that he flip-flops on everything. Once he had said that lockdown would end when all public money had been transferred he should have stuck to it. More than that, he should have borrowed heavily and given that money to private companies as well.’

Good idea

This has been seen as a good idea by many government ministers, many of whom were seen queuing outside companies house later as they started immediately successful medical supply companies.

‘Lockdown?’ said one minister, ‘That will end when we have bleed the treasury dry. Sorry, slip of the tongue.’

Dennis Throp   

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