The London Iconoclast Commission – destroying London’s heritage

The mayor of London has announced a commission to look at ‘diversity in the public realm’. The blurb states ‘London is one of the most diverse cities in the world, with more than 300 languages spoken every day. Yet its statues, plaques and street names largely reflect a bygone era.‘ To which any right-thinking person says, of course, because statues, plaques and street names reflect the past. To try and change them is to erase history.

New statues, plaques and street names can reflect what the local communities democratically want. But to fiddle with the past is outrageous.

If you are concerned about this please find out more at Save our Statues.

Regent Street pavement has been given a #covid-19 makeover. Will it be removed after the pandemic?

The pavement of Regent Street has been widened in a very non-temporary looking manner. Yet this should surely be temporary. Both sides of the street have had the extra pavement added.

Regents street pavement additon

Presumable the excuse used has been to widen the pavement to help social distancing during Covid. There are a few issues with this.

1. No one uses the pavement during Covid because we’re all under house arrest.

2. Regent Street already had some of the widest pavements in London.

3. Planters full of bushes and trees have been added to the pavement as well. This takes away as much of the pavement as the addition adds and so renders the whole project unsuccessful.

4. Regent Street itself is now reduced to one lane of traffic in each direction. That is absurd for a major route through central London.

IMG 6865

The extra pavement, not matching the original, is an eyesore and blocks traffic. Did anyone vote for this monstrosity to be added to an important street in London? Can we be certain it will be removed after the pandemic?

London to Tier 3? Stop the covid insanity. This hysteria is worse than the Spanish Inquisition

We are in the grip of a mass hysteria the like of which we have not seen since possibly the Salem witch trials or more likely the Spanish Inquisition.

What is the government doing? Are they literally trying to destroy the economy? Trying to destroy people’s lives? Do they realise that they aren’t just opening pubs and closing them like doors on an Advent calendar? Each time the doors are shut people are losing their jobs.

When did we vote to direct all of the government’s attention to one disease? Covid may have seemed really threatening at the start, but now we can see that it just isn’t sensible to focus all the attention on it. As the months go on it’s no longer just not sensible, it has moved into being actually insane.

But the government aren’t insane, so what is going on?

Why is stopping people dying of one disease the only important thing? Why is stopping people dying of covid more important than stopping them dying of all the other things that people are dying of?

It isn’t. We have to have leaders who realise that this lockdown course of action is utterly ludicrous. It is killing people from other diseases and taking people’s livelihoods from them.

People in the public sector may not mind, may be able to countenance months without work, because they are still paid. But a public sector feeds off a private sector. Lose one, you eventually lose the other.

As we can assume that the government aren’t insane, why are they doing this? Is it the human instinct not to want to admit when you are wrong? I’m sure this isn’t the right way your passenger says, no, no, I’m sure it’s just round the corner, you say, unwilling to admit you took a wrong turn.

On a journey you have to admit eventually that you are lost. With an economy you don’t. You can just keep pressing on with the madness and no one can prove that you are wrong, no matter how clear it is.

Especially when you have Brexit lying around the corner to blame for all the destruction that is coming thanks to covid.

What’s to be done?

Unlock. Stop the incessant testing. Treat people who are ill. Let the others run free. The elderly can isolate. Vaccinate those that want it. Let the economy try and recover. Already it is too late, but more lockdowns will just destroy things further.

The NHS is there to protect the nation, not to be protected by the nation. They have had months to build up its capacity. People need to live and the NHS needs to help those who get ill in the course of living. That’s how life works. We don’t lock down to stop getting ill. That way madness lies. And unfortunately we are already there.

Mayor’s email: Lockdown will save jobs

The mayor of London has just sent out an email saying that the lockdown will feel like a body blow, but it will ‘save lives, protect jobs and prevent our NHS from being overwhelmed’.

It might do the third. The jury is out on the first as we cannot know how many lives will be lost through non-treatment of other diseases.

But to say that the lockdown will protect jobs? How is this possible? What is the thinking here? Lockdown will surely destroy jobs.

What do you think? Will lockdown destroy or protect jobs?