NHS staff to be sacked for not taking vaccines. More nonsensical government policy examined by The Freedom Show

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Today we are discussing the government mandating vaccines for NHS health staff. They will be sacked in April next year if they haven’t had a vaccine, which is ludicrous, because what exactly changes next year in April? How will the NHS cope with even fewer staff? We are constantly told it is under pressure already. If the government sacks these people then it can never again complain that the NHS is overwhelmed.


Postponing operations because of the NHS concentration on Covid means cancers are becoming inoperable.

Covid is a horrible disease that the government is trying to fight. But there are other diseases, diseases that still kill. Concentrating on just one disease means ignoring the suffering and deaths of other people.

This is not the way a government should be behaving.

Making it all about Covid is brutally unfair on people suffering and dying from other diseases. Prime Minister, please consider the other deaths that people are suffering.

The figures for Covid cases are not the only figures that matter. And behind all these figures are people.

The free money insanity continues – Nicola Sturgeon announces £500 payment to NHS workers

The Scottish government has announced that it is going to give £500 to NHS and care staff.

What sort of universe have we entered? Where are they going to find this money? Why should these members of society be privileged above others? When was it the government’s job to give employed people one off payments?

The response to covid is already eating billions of pounds that we cannot afford.

If money was to be given to workers it should be given to people who have lost their livelihoods thanks to the lockdowns. Instead it is being used as a bribe. It sows yet more division. It is paid for by the whole UK and the benefits felt only by Scots.

This is using covid as a pitch for playing party politics, for pushing the Scottish independence agenda, making the UK government which has to be a little more circumspect look bad.

The Scottish government is behaving like a divorced parent who sees a child once a month and gives them treats.

The madness continues.