Italy: VAX pass or die: How to foment civil unrest

Italy slips further down the authoritarian path by stopping unvaccinated from working

Italy is acting as the canary in the coalmine, showing us the poison that is moving our way in the rest of the West.

Reports say that Italy is going to insist that workers have the vaccine passport, or they will not be allowed to work. Which of course means that they will not be paid. And if workers are not paid, then they very soon will not be able to eat.

How was this ever deemed a good idea? Let us threaten the populace with starvation, that’ll make them get vaccinated. Except that is not how people work. When faced with a totalitarian, illogical, coercive government policy people do not give up. They ask questions, like if this vaccine is so great, why are they using such outrageous, undemocratic means to get us to take it?

Will this really happen? It seems so extreme that it is hard to see how it can. But maybe that is out-school thinking. A lot of extreme things have happened (house arrest for a year, anyone?) If people are put in a position where they cannot work and cannot eat, the government knows that they will protest.

If this goes ahead then the government will be provoking unrest. When people can’t feed their families they become desperate. To play with danger in this way shows that the government is set on demonising one section of society.

‘But they can just get vaccinated,’ people say in the government’s defence. But why would something as extreme as removing someone’s livelihood be done in order to make them take a vaccine? When such extreme measures are being used to achieve something, people are entitled to ask, what is going on before succumbing. Why would a government enact a no-work policy that could kill people through starvation to protect them from a virus? The solution is worse than the disease.

Worse still, people can be fined for working without the vaccine passport. So you cannot earn any money, and any money you do have is taken away in fines.

It is the most totalitarian policy imaginable, save maybe for locking people in their houses for a year. It is terrible to see what is happening in Italy. We have grown up believing that our Western governments have our best interest at heart. Here it is clear that that is not always the case. If the aim is truly to get people vaccinated, for their own good, this is not the way to go about it and not the way to engender confidence in their methods. We need governments around the world, but especially at the moment in Italy, to rethink this authoritarian bent they have all taken.

Jabber dabber doo! Government says kids are old enough to make their own decisions on vaccines

Where to start with the health secretary’s recent interview in which he says that a child’s will can override that of their parent when it comes to vaccination?

This is a government minister – a Tory minister – trashing in one sentence the centuries-old relationship between parents and their children.

Flying in the face of all previous parent-child relationships around the world, kids are suddenly to make their own decisions about their medical health.

What lunacy is this? A child is not equipped to make these decisions. Because they are – a child. Parents are supposed to make important decisions for them.

Whichever side of the vaccine debate you are on, this governmental announcement has to outrage you. It has to make you stick up a hand and say, ‘Excuse me, this is not acceptable behaviour for a government. Parents make decisions for their kids, not kids themselves.’ Otherwise, kids will suddenly be having ice cream for dinner and staying up until midnight. Every parent knows kids don’t know what is best for them.

Will this kid-centric decision making work both ways? When the parents do want the child to have the vaccination and the child doesn’t want it? Will the kid’s will be relevant then, Health Secretary?

Either way, it would be madness to allow a kid to decide, but if this allows children to overrule parents in one direction only, it makes it clear that this is just another way to get more children injected. They, after all, will suffer more from peer pressure. It is not fair to leave this decision for kids. Above all, they will not fully understand their own medical history.

This should not be allowed to happen in England.

More illogical diktats: Quarantine to be scrapped for vaxxed – even though they still spread and catch Covid

Remove quarantine for everyone and stop larping North Korea

The government has today started muttering that the absurd quarantine rules that we are living under will be lifted. Good news you might think, but it will only apply to the double-vaccinated. 


The madness continues


Which means that many people are stuck with the insane totalitarian quarantine that North Korea would reject as too severe. 


It makes no sense


People who have had the vaccine still spread the virus and can still catch the virus. So this is a peculiar decision. What are they trying to achieve? It’s an unnecessarily divisive step that continues the long list of Government responses to the pandemic that make no sense.

Lockdown Trumpet: Completely safe vaccine not actually completely safe

The science that showed it was completely safe now shows it isn’t

After months of telling anyone who would listen that the vaccine was completely safe and anyone who questioned it was a mad anti-vaxxer who should be thrown into a volcano, it has been admitted that the vaccine is not actually completely safe.

Fine for 31 year olds

‘This vaccine is absolutely fine for 31 year olds to take’, Wilter Hobwater, minister for health propaganda and sport said at lunchtime, ‘And anyone who says it isn’t is a mad anti-vaxxer who should be thrown into a volcano.’

When asked how it could be safe for a 31 year old and not for a 30 year old he shook his head sadly as though talking to a child and said, ‘we are following the science.’

Don’t worry, would we lie to you?

‘The main point is not to worry. The number of people dying is minuscule and a few people dying here and there is a small price to pay. Yes they would not have died of Covid because of their age, but would we lie to you?’ When it was pointed out that the government had lied continually throughout this debacle he said, ‘What is truth?’ and jumped out of the window to avoid using  

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blood clots vaccine

No jab, no oxygen? Leaked govt paper shows plan to deny oxygen to the un-jabbed

A leaked paper seen by The Fitzrovia Gazette appears to show that the government is considering denying oxygen to those who have not taken the vaccine.

Extreme measure?

Critics have claimed that this is ‘quite an extreme measure’, but the government says that these are only proposals and no decisions have yet been taken. In the past restricting access to oxygen would have been seen as a breach of human rights, but since the 2010 Equality Act men in particular have no right to air.

Is the tech possible?

Spokesman Grant Gipper said, ‘The technology to keep air away from the unvaccinated is only in its infancy and it would be hard to implement any time soon. But there is a sense inside government that people who refuse the perfectly safe vaccine that we are handing out completely freely should be made to pay for their ingratitude. Also, how can we implement a vaccine passport if people refuse to be vaccinated?’

Civil rights groups remain quiet

Civil rights groups have been quick to say nothing. When asked for a comment the Assoc for Utter Freedom said ‘Well, the government is probably right, they usually are, and they have never got us into anything bad based on faulty data before have they?’ When reminded of the Iraq war they hung up.

Other ways to breathe

Libertarian scientists are quickly trying to develop new ways to breathe, with one claiming that living underwater and breathing through gills may be possible by September. 


no jab no job