Welcome to Fitzrovia Circle. Thanks for visiting. You can see our current show here , join our new Discord discussion group here or follow us on Twitter. We are a haven for free-thinking artists, writers and film-makers. In the current climate people are often cancelled if they do not conform to the prevailing groupthink. They are welcome here.

The lack of a free and open press in the UK is very disturbing. We are helping make independent thought available.


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We’ll have to start small, until our funding increases, but even if we start with publishing ebooks and putting on virtual exhibitions, we hope to move on to books, films and other culture as soon as possible.

We don’t have long to save Western Civilisation, so let’s get going.

Jan 2021 – The reaction to Covid has been so peculiar that we are also working to try and help present a more balanced view than is being given in the mainstream media.