Democracy died in Wales last night

Last night the Welsh parliament voted to go full totalitarian by implementing vaccine passports. These usher in a Chinese Communist Party style control of the population that should never be seen in a Western democracy. People in Wales will not be able to attend certain events unless their vaccine passport has the right details. For now the government is locking people out of big events, but the system will be in place to micromanage where everyone is allowed to go on a daily basis.

That is bad enough, but the way it happened is even worse. Owing to technological difficulties one member was unable to vote. The Parliament made no allowance for this. The motion carried by ONE vote. ie- this terrible policy was not even the will of the parliament.

This policy would have been outrageous if it had passed fairly, but to be implemented like this shows that the UK is descending into banana republic territory.

Vaccine passports are a sign of governmental overreach and a fundamental misunderstanding of a government’s role in a Western democracy. This vote must be reversed, and nothing like it must ever be implemented in any of the constituent parts of the UK.

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