Diverse and Diversibility: Newly discovered novel proves Jane Austen was actually a black woman

Novel found down the back of a sofa in Bath pub hailed as her best work

Thanks to a newly discovered novel it has been revealed that Jane Austen was not the daughter of a clergyman who lived in Bath, but was actually an African woman from Ghana.

Jane austen diverse diversibility


‘We though she might be black,’ Horace Gitt, curator of Austeniana at the British Library said, ‘owing to her skilful use of language that seems quite unfitting for a white woman. The discovery of Diverse and Diversibility really proves that Jane was in fact a black woman from Ghana. This makes much more sense.’

Everyone is a racist

The plot of Diverse and Diversibility concerns a woman who thinks that everyone she meets is a racist. ‘She left behind her nonsense about human relationships and focused on the one issue that matters – finding racism everywhere.’ When asked if it might be a forgery, Gitt said

Continued on page 24

Have you been affected by any of these issues? Have you been a much-loved author whose achievements have been denigrated by grifting activists? If so get in touch.

Diverse and Diversibility


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